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If you’re considering investing in professional window tinting for your vehicle, you might be unsure whether or not to take the plunge. If you’re on the fence, the experts here at Fast Glass Service are here to give you the facts on professional window tinting so you can make the best-informed decision possible for your vehicle.

What is professional window tinting?

Not sure exactly what professional window tinting entails? No worries– we’re here to clear it up.

Professional window tinting is when trained glass technicians apply a tinted film to your vehicle’s windows, windshields, or both. It essentially just means the process of applying that laminate film to any of your car’s glass.

Does window tinting protect from UV light?

Many people don’t know this, but UV rays are actually able to travel through your vehicle’s glass. That means that even just driving around in your car can expose you to the sun’s harmful rays, which can cause health problems like skin cancer.

Additionally, long-term exposure to UV rays can fade or crack the interior surfaces in your car– making your vehicle look aged a lot sooner than it should!

Window tinting does help block against UV light, which means that you, your car’s interior, and your belongings will be protected from harmful UV rays while you’re in the car.

Can professional window tinting be energy efficient?

It’s no secret that cars can get very uncomfortable at any time of the year, simply as a result of trapped heat or cold.

Using your car’s air conditioning system does use extra gasoline, which can be a problem during an age when gas prices can get truly ridiculous.

Investing in professional window tinting means that your car won’t trap as much heat during warmer weather– which, in turn, means that you’ll save on gasoline and money.

Do professionally tinted car windows allow for more privacy?

There’s a good reason why many celebrities and public figures opt for tinted window glass– it does provide privacy!

Tinted windows make it more difficult for people to see inside your vehicle. This is useful for famous people, but it definitely has its benefits for the everyday person, too. Just be mindful of your local window tinting laws, since certain states have laws about the maximum degree of tint you can use in a vehicle.

Do professionally tinted vehicle windows help reduce glare?

Driving around with the sun in your eyes can be more than just annoying– it can be really unsafe! When you can’t see properly, there’s an increased chance of getting into an accident or missing an important stop sign or traffic light.

Tinted windows reduce road glare, allowing you to see better within your vehicle. This can mean that you’re able to drive around a little more safely at any time of day!

Should I get my car windows tinted?

Tinted car windows simply add a pleasant aesthetic touch to your vehicle, while protecting you from harmful UV rays, glare, and perhaps the prying eyes of other people on the road or parking lot.

There aren’t many drawbacks to window tinting– an experienced window tinting professional will carefully adhere to local tinting laws, preventing you from running into traffic stop trouble.

The most important thing when investing in professional window tinting for your vehicle is choosing an experienced glass technician to install it. Here at Fast Glass Service, we’re proud to say that choosing us for your window tinting needs is making the right choice.

If you’re ready to get started, or have a few questions for us before you do, just give us a call today! We’re happy to help with anything you might need.