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Maybe you recently had a chip or crack repaired in your windshield. You scouted local glass repair companies, picked the best quote, and considered it done. Maybe you even took matters into your own hands and repaired the damage yourself with a kit. But if you noticed that your windshield is leaking or the chip or crack reappeared and continued to expand, you may have a problem! There are a number of reasons your windshield repair didn’t work or the damage reappeared after a few weeks of driving. Here are the top three reasons why your windshield repair didn’t work – and what to do about it!

Dirt, Dust, or Debris on the Glass

Step one to a quality windshield repair is a thorough cleaning. Even if your windshield looks clean, a simple wipe-down isn’t enough to prepare it for repairs. Dust and dirt particles can be hard to see – which is why a properly-trained glass technician knows thoroughly cleaning the whole windshield is the number one rule of the trade! If dirt or dust particles remained one or in the damaged area of your windshield, the resin used to repair it won’t be able to entirely fill the chip or crack. Furthermore, dust or dirt in the damaged area will prevent the resin from properly curing. That’s a bad combination for your repair work – and it will cause the chip or crack to reappear and continue to spread!

Environment – Including Weather and Temperature

Especially when a job is completed by a mobile technician or amateur repairman, weather and temperature can have a huge effect on windshield repairs. Chips and cracks in windshields (the vast majority of damage that is repairable) are filled with a special resin that is treated with a pressure vacuum to make sure the damage is completely filled. When the job is completed properly, the resin cures perfectly in the chip or crack and prevents it from spreading. High humidity outside, heavy fog or rain, snow, and other conditions that introduce moisture to the process can prevent the resin from curing. When that happens, the repair job will fail and the damage will continue to spread. Fluctuating temperature in your area can cause this damage to reappear and worsen even faster!

Improper Repair for Type of Damage

As mentioned above, the most common types of repairable damage to windshields is caused by chips or cracks in the glass. Small chips and cracks can be filled with resin and cured for a long-lasting or even permanent repair. Some damage, however, is too complex or extensive for a resin-injection repair. Sometimes, these problems are hard to diagnose with an untrained eye. Generally speaking, if a chip in your windshield has more than one crack extending from the center, if a crack extends to the edge of your windshield, or if the impact area around the chip or crack is indented, you might need to fully replace the windshield rather than try a resin repair. 

What to Do When Your WIndshield Repair Fails

So what do you do about reappearing and/or worsening damage to your windshield? First and foremost, call the company or individual who completed the repair and see if they have a workmanship guarantee or will re-assess the damage to properly repair it for free or offer a discount on windshield replacement. In many cases, a failed repair job can be fixed, but it sometimes means that you’ll need to replace your windshield. If you’re unhappy with the workmanship they provided or you’re ready to bring in the experts, contact Fast Glass Services for a free estimate on a windshield repair or replacement. 

Call Fast Glass Services for Done-Right Repair

Our glass technicians are experienced and professional. When you call Fast Glass Services, you can count on us to get your windshield repair or replacement done right – the first time! Whether you need mobile glass repair or your vehicle needs to be brought into one of our shops, we’re here to serve you. Contact us today for a free quote on windshield repair or replacement!