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Window tinting is a popular service that many people choose for their vehicles because it makes your car look great while offering some practical benefits, too. However, choosing the right shade for your vehicle windows is an important decision– and failing to do so can have legal consequences.

Legal compliance

Your very first consideration when choosing a window tint shade for your car windows should be legal compliance.

Different regions have specific regulations governing the darkness of window tints. In Arkansas, tint on the front side windows of vehicles must allow at least 25% of light to pass through. 

Back windows and the rear windshield must allow at least 10% of light to pass through. For the front windshield, only the top five inches may be tinted– the rest has to remain untouched.

When choosing your vehicle’s window tinting, be sure that your choice adheres to these laws to avoid potential legal issues and fines. A reputable window tinting provider will also be familiar with local laws and ensure that their work remains within legal limits.

UV protection

Protection from harmful UV rays is one of the main benefits of car window tinting. The level of UV protection provided by the tint depends on the darkness of the tint– darker tints offer better UV protection, helping to keep you and your passengers from harmful sun rays.

This protection can also keep the interior of your vehicle from fading in the sun!

Heat reduction

Tinted car windows effectively block the sun’s heat from entering the vehicle, helping to keep it more comfortable in hot weather. A darker tint allows for greater heat-reduction capabilities, which means that darker tints are great for regions with intense sunlight.

Privacy and security

Tinted car windows allow for enhanced privacy, which makes it difficult for outsiders to see into your vehicle. This helps to boost your own privacy, but also keeps your car more secure by making it more difficult to view any potential valuables left inside the vehicle.

Glare reduction

Anyone with a morning commute can tell you how bothersome and even dangerous glare from the sun can be while driving. Tinted windows help to reduce glare, making driving a more comfortable and safer experience The degree of glare reduction allowed by your windows is determined by the darkness of the tint.

Aesthetics and style

Choosing the right tint shade can make a big difference in the overall look of your car. Darker tints can allow for a more uniform appearance on a car, especially if it’s a dark vehicle to start with. For some vehicles, a dark tint can aesthetically take the car to the next level.

Nighttime visibility

While a dark tint can be very useful during daylight hours, you should consider how it’ll affect visibility at night. Extremely dark tints can reduce visibility at night, which can become a safety concern. Finding a balance between your preferred shade and a shade that allows for maximum nighttime visibility is highly recommended.

An important decision

Selecting the perfect tint shade for your car is an important decision– it affects how your car looks, but it also affects your visibility, comfort, and safety while driving.

If you have questions or need a recommendation for a window tint shade that’s just right, give Fast Glass Service a call today. Our glass technicians won’t steer you wrong!