Have you ever gone about your day thinking that your car’s windshield and windows were perfectly clean, only to start driving your car at night and realize that it’s smudged or smeared?

Depending on how bad it is, driving with a streaky, smudged windshield is not only annoying– it can actually be a hazard, putting you and your passengers in danger!

Regularly cleaning your windshield is important to keep you safe, but keeping a perfectly clean windshield might not be quite as easy as it sounds. Using the wrong cleaning supplies or techniques might actually make the problem worse!

Keep an eye on the weather


This important tip for a streak-free windshield is often overlooked. Although you might notice a dirty windshield in the middle of a sunny day, it’s actually better to clean your car’s windshield either at night or on a cloudy day.

This is because direct sunlight on your windshield while you’re in the process of cleaning it can make the cleaner you’re using evaporate too fast, meaning you won’t have time to clean it properly before it evaporates and leaving you with streaky glass!

Choose your cleaner


You probably have a bottle of Windex or a similar glass cleaning product around your house– and doesn’t it seem obvious to use Windex to clean your car’s windows and windshield? After all, “window” is practically right there in the name.

However, many varieties of Windex and other glass cleaners contain ammonia. We recommend avoiding ammonia-based cleaning products specifically when dealing with auto glass. 

If that ammonia makes contact with the sealing adhesive that’s securing your auto glass in place, it will break down the adhesive over time. 

And since proper adhesion of your windshield is absolutely crucial to your car’s structural integrity (and your safety!), it’s best to avoid ammonia altogether when it comes to your car.

Plus, ammonia can damage the rubber seals that keep your windows waterproof. Trust us, you don’t want any extra moisture getting into your car!

Instead, you can purchase a cleaner specially made for auto glass– or create your own. You can use a vinegar solution to get your windows sparkling clean. 

If there are any greasy fingerprints on the inside of your car windows or windshield, using just a little bit of rubbing alcohol can help remove them quickly and easily.

The right tool for the job


When you’re cleaning the windows and mirrors inside your home, you probably just reach for the paper towels. A paper towel and glass cleaner can get a smudgy mirror looking incredible in just a few seconds.

However, paper towels are actually not recommended for use on auto glass. If you use paper towels on your car’s windows or windshield, they might just smudge the glass further– or even pick up debris and scratch the glass, which you definitely want to avoid!

Instead, use a soft microfiber cloth. Microfiber is soft and absorbent, which means that it’ll do a great job getting that glass extra clean without the risk of causing scratches or other damage.

What if my glass is cloudy or damaged?


If you’ve done all the right things to clean your car’s glass, but can still notice smudges, cloudiness, or scratches, it might be time to seek out an auto glass professional.

At Fast Glass, we offer mobile repair services– which means that if your windshield needs to be repaired or replaced, we can come right to you and complete it while you’re at home or work! To schedule a repair or speak with a glass expert, give us a call today at 800-242-5644.


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