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Window tinting is a car customization that serves both aesthetic and functional purposes. It looks nice and it increases your privacy while also protecting your car’s interior from heat and sun damage. Fast Glass Service offers mobile window tinting services for residential and commercial customers all around Clarksville. All you have to do is make an appointment and we’ll come to your car. Busy working or just don’t like talking to people (no judgment!)? No problem – just go about your day and when you’re done, you’ll have perfectly tinted windows!

Legal Limitations

Because tinting can limit your field of vision when it’s too dark, there are legal limitations on how deeply we can tint your windows. In Clarksville, we can tint your windows up to 50% on the driver’s front and passenger windows, and up to 35% on the rear passenger windows and back window. Your windshield cannot be tinted. 

This means that different windows will let in different levels of light, but you won’t be able to tell – it’s a barely perceptible difference to the naked eye. 

Higher levels of tinting are not permitted because they make driving at night unsafe and can limit your field of vision – even on a sunny day – which increases the likelihood of having an accident. 


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