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If you’re on the fence about investing in professional window tinting for your vehicle, it’s important to understand the laws and regulations surrounding window tinting in the state of Arkansas.

After all, you don’t want to take the plunge and get professionally tinted auto glass just to get a ticket for violating Arkansas window tinting laws. Read on to learn exactly what the rules are– so you don’t accidentally break them!

What are window tinting laws?

In Arkansas, there are specific laws that relate to the amount and type of window tint that’s legally permissible in vehicles. These laws are in place for a good reason: to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers, in addition to preventing law enforcement from being hindered in their duties to protect and serve.

What is the legal window tint limit in Arkansas?

There actually isn’t just one law regarding window tint limits in Arkansas.

In fact, the law changes based on the type of vehicle and the location of the windows being tinted.

For example, it’s permissible to have a tinted strip at the top of your windshield, as long as it doesn’t extend into the driver’s field of vision. Typically, this strip must stop at the AS-1 line on the windshield, which is a marking that indicates where the manufacturer’s original tint ends on the glass.

Front windows in a car must allow at least 25% of light to pass through, while rear and side windows can be tinted to any degree.

Do window tinting laws and regulations apply to everyone in Arkansas?

Actually, window tinting laws have some exceptions. Arkansas allows for medical exemptions to its window tinting laws.

Drivers or passengers that have conditions that require additional protection from the sun’s rays can apply for a medical exemption. This exemption must be approved by the Arkansas State Police, and must be displayed on the vehicle’s windshield.

How are window tinting laws and regulations enforced in Arkansas?

Trust us– you don’t want to get pulled over for violating Arkansas window tinting laws! 

Why? Because getting caught with an illegal level of window tint in the state of Arkansas might leave you with a fine of up to $250– which is no small chunk of change!

You might also be required to remove your window tinting entirely, and pass a vehicle inspection, prior to being able to legally drive your car again.

Having to fully remove your window tint is not just an inconvenience– it’s a waste of the money you invested in having that professional tint installed! That’s why it’s so important to familiarize yourself with Arkansas window tinting laws before making the investment.

Should I get my car windows professionally tinted?

There are plenty of benefits to investing in professional window tinting. Just to name a few, window tinting can help protect you and your passengers from harmful UV rays, and can help you to use less gasoline on cooling your vehicle during the warmer months.

However, it’s important to get your window tinting installed by expert technicians who are careful to follow the letter of the law when installing your tint. This will help you save money and legal troubles in the future!

If you’re ready to work with glass technicians who do a fantastic job at installing professional window tinting, and make sure they follow all of Arkansas’ rules and regulations when it comes to window tinting, Fast Glass Service is your best bet. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment!