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Your windshield is one of your car’s primary safety features. It protects drivers and passengers alike from the elements – wind, rain, hail, etc. – as well as road dangers like gravel, pebbles, and other debris kicked up by other drivers. Your windshield should ideally offer you an unobstructed view of the road so that you can drive safely and avoid any hazards on the road. 

Did you know that the number one auto insurance claim across the country is windshield damage? 30% of the damages reported to auto insurance agencies every year concern a windshield. Issues with your windshield can result in an uncomfortable or dangerous driving experience. But despite their importance to the structural integrity of your vehicle, many people try to fix or replace their windshields on their own when they become damaged. 

This is a very bad idea that can cause you more frustration, time, and money in the long run – not to mention the risks to your personal safety if it’s not properly installed! Let the glass installation experts at Fast Glass Service explain why DIY windshield replacement is a terrible idea – and what you should do instead when your windshield cracks or shatters. 

Kits Are Not a Cure All

They sell DIY windshield replacement kits online and in auto stores. They were developed to help you deal with chips and cracks in your windshield – until you can get to a professional to have it fully repaired. They were never meant to be a permanent solution to your windshield woes. 

Windshield repair kits use Epoxy as their main component – a substance that is designed to bind cracks and fill chips, leaving a seamless finish behind. However, you have to apply just the right amount for the repair to work, and it will never be fully restored. If the kit you purchase contains the wrong type of resin, it can warp the glass and affect visibility. In the long run, it’s cheaper to have a professional repair or replace your windshield before further damage is done to it.

Expertise Makes a Difference

I may seem simple enough – take the old glass out, put the new glass in – but windshield replacement is not an easy task. There are multiple steps, and if even one is done incorrectly or at the wrong time, it can compromise the safety and structural integrity of your vehicle. It takes years of training and expertise to be able to do it quickly and perfectly. If your windshield is installed incorrectly, it puts pressure on the wrong parts of the glass which means the smallest bump in the road can shatter your new windshield.  

Our technicians have installed hundreds – if not thousands – of windshields during their careers. If we make it look easy, just remember – practice makes perfect and you have to master something before you can make it look effortless.   

The Right Tools for the Job

There are so many specialized and industrial-strength tools, equipment, and products required for a proper windshield replacement that the average driver just doesn’t have in their tool shed. Some products – like industrial-strength epoxies and solvents – you can’t buy as a consumer for safety reasons. 

Any excess pressure on the auto glass can cause it to shatter during the replacement process, which means you have to start over with yet another windshield. Now you’ve already dubbed your expenses. They’re also much heavier than you think they are just by looking at them. Trying to lift a windshield on your own can cause serious injury. And dropping one leaves you standing in a pile of shattered glass that can also cause serious injuries.

Fast Glass Service has the experience, expertise, ad tools needed to get your windshield replaced and your vehicle back on the road within hours. Contact us for a free quote – we can even help you file an insurance claim if it’s covered!