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Your windshield plays an incredibly important role in the structure and safety of your car.

Obviously, it helps you see your surroundings as clearly as possible– but it’s also designed to help the structure of the car stay intact in the event of an accident.

Since typical glass is brittle and fragile, you might be wondering: how is windshield glass different from a wineglass or a window?

It’s built different

Windshield glass takes a lot more impact to crack or break than your average piece of stemware. That’s because the type of glass used for windshields is made out of different materials, and is created using a different process.

Typical glass is made from sand that’s heated until it reaches a liquid state. This sand is made from tiny pieces of quartz, also known as silica. Windshield glass, on the other hand, is made from other materials: limestone, cullet, soda ash, and dolomite. 

All of these materials create a smooth and transparent material that looks like any other type of glass but is considerably more durable.

Windshield glass is actually multilayered for maximum safety. Instead of just being a single pane of glass, a windshield is made using a laminating technique: it’s made from two layers of this special extra-durable glass with a layer of plastic or vinyl between them. 

Once the layers have been assembled, they go through a special lamination process to completely fuse them and eliminate any air bubbles. The lamination process adds another layer of protection to the structure of the glass.

It responds to impact differently

If you’ve ever dropped your smartphone or knocked over a wine glass, you’re familiar with just how fragile glass typically is. You’re probably also a little too familiar with the way it breaks: into tiny shards that can be nearly impossible to completely clean up, and that can pose a danger to anyone in the vicinity of the accident.

Seeing the way a glass windshield responds to impact is a great example of the difference between typical glass and windshield glass. 

Because of the different materials and special manufacturing process for windshield glass, it doesn’t shatter into jagged shards– which is good, considering the fact that you sit just a foot or two away from it while you drive.

Windshield glass actually shatters into more pieces than regular glass. Although this may seem inconvenient, consider the difference in dealing with many large, sharp pieces of broken glass versus tiny grains of broken glass. Neither is pleasant, but tinier pieces pose much less of a safety risk for anyone in the car when the windshield experiences impact.

Strength is safety

Ultimately, every single part of your car is designed and rigorously tested to ensure maximum safety for you and your passengers. All cars have to pass very specific testing in order to reach the market– so you can rest assured that your car’s windshield is doing its job to protect you in the event of an accident.

Of course, a poorly or incorrectly installed windshield doesn’t boast the same safety benefits. That’s why it’s imperative to visit the experts for windshield repair and replacement. Our technicians are well-trained and experienced in proper windshield replacement. Correct installation makes a world of difference for the safety of your vehicle, and your safety is our priority.

Whether you’re in the market for windshield glass repair or just have questions about the process, we’re here to assist. Give us a call today at 800-242-5644 to get started!