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If you’ve ever put off any kind of glass repair for your windshield, know that you are not alone in doing so. While we do not advise putting off glass repairs for damaged windshield, we do understand why it happens. It’s normal to see a small chip in your windshield and think that it won’t cause any harm. Such a small knick in your glass certainly won’t pose an immediate threat to your safety, so why bother rushing into to get it fixed, right?

Well, not exactly. No matter what damage your windshield has suffered, a repair is advised because of how quickly it can worsen. It’s usually inevitable; if your windshield has a weak spot, ignoring it will probably cause a bigger, costlier problem down the road. Here are a few examples of windshield damage that warrants a glass repair.


Chips, Dents, or Dings

Small windshield chips, also known as dents or dings, usually form when a small object (like a rock) hits the glass and causes a small “pit.” This damage is confined to the precise location where the object hit, but if left alone, the problem can worsen. Without proper repair, a small chip can turn into series of small cracks or eventually turn into a large crack. Luckily, a small chip or ding can be easily filled by a professional.


All Kinds of Cracked Up

Cracks in windshields come in many different shapes and sizes; many times, the severity of the problem depends on their location. Cracks can form because of an object hitting your windshield, or even from extreme changes in temperature (such as hot water on frozen glass). When cracks are near or on the edge of a windshield, or extend toward it, they can quickly worsen. A crack extending near the edges of a windshield can compromise the entire structure of your vehicle and have a high chance of shattering without a glass repair.


Bulls-Eye Damage

A “bulls-eye” may signal a perfect shot during target practice, but when it comes to your windshield, it means something completely different. The pattern the damage makes resembles a bulls-eye and if ignored, it can quickly turn into a larger problem that will require more than a simple repair.


A Glass Repair Combo

Not all windshield damage is so linear or easily identified as one “type” of damage. It is possible for damage to occur as a combination, such as a long crack that begins to spider out into a star-like shape. This type of damage is can require a complex repair (or total replacement), and can be the result of damage left alone too long without glass repair, or even just a series of bad luck.  

No matter what type of damage your windshield has suffered, it’s best to get it fixed in a timely manner because even the smallest problem can take a turn for the worse. All repairs will cost you money, but taking action right away can be the difference between a small repair and an entirely new windshield.