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If you’re considering investing in window tinting for your vehicle, you’re in good company!

Window tinting is a popular choice because it enhances the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle while providing plenty of practical benefits– like privacy, heat reduction and protection from UV rays.

However, there are many different types of window tinting available on the market. In order to make the best possible choice for you and your vehicle, it’s important to understand the options available to you! 


Dyed Window Tinting


Dyed window tinting is a popular option that’s also affordable. It uses multiple layers of dyed film to darken car windows. Like most types of window tinting, it reduces glare, blocks UV rays, and offers enhanced privacy.

It can also help to reduce heat inside the vehicle, which means that your car’s air conditioning system won’t have to work quite as hard to cool you down.

Dyed window tinting allows for good visibility, too!

However, it might fade slightly over time, and it often does not offer quite as much heat rejection as other types of window tinting.


Metalized Window Tinting


Rather than dyeing the film, metalized window tinting incorporates tiny metallic particles within the film, providing excellent heat rejection and superior durability.

It also effectively blocks UV rays and reduces glare while driving– all while keeping the interior of your vehicle cool.

The metallic particles also add strength to the film, making it resistant to scratches and therefore more durable than some other types of window tinting.

The only potential drawback to metalized window tinting is the fact that it may interfere with electronic signals, like GPS or cell phone reception.


Carbon Window Tinting


Carbon window tinting utilizes carbon particles within the film to provide a sleek, matte appearance and exceptional heat rejection. It effectively blocks UV rays, reduces glare, and helps to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle.

Carbon tinting is popular for its color stability, which means that it doesn’t fade or change over time. Plus, it doesn’t interfere with electronic signals!


Ceramic Window Tinting


Ceramic window tinting is considered a premium option due to its superior performance and advanced technology.

It utilizes ceramic nanoparticles that offer excellent heat rejection, UV protection, and greatly reduced glare.

Ceramic tinting allows for maximum visibility while keeping the interior of the vehicle comfortable (and taking it easy on your car’s air conditioning system!)

Ceramic tinting is also extremely durable and resistant to fading. Plus, it doesn’t interfere with electronic signals!


High-Performance Window Tinting


High-performance window tinting is a blanket term for a process that incorporates various technologies– like dyed, metalized, or ceramic window tinting– to deliver optimum heat rejection, glare reduction and protection from UV rays.

It offers the very best of what each window tint type has to offer, providing a balance between performance and cost.


Quality installation is key


While it’s helpful to know about the different options available to you, the answer to high-quality, long-lasting window tinting isn’t just about the tinting method you choose. It’s also imperative to choose a highly skilled and experienced glass technician to install the tint for you. At Fast Glass Service, that’s what we do! Give us a call today to get started!