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Tinted windshields provide your vehicle with two incredibly valuable services—privacy and security. To many of us who spend long hours on the road, our vehicle becomes a second home. Like you deserve to feel comfortable and secure in your own home, you too deserve to feel comfortable and secure in your vehicle as well. 

Tinted windows make your vehicle more private and secure by:

Tinted windows deters thieves

Would-be thieves are much less likely to make your vehicle a target if you have tinted windows. This is true for a variety of reasons. Firstly, high tint windows make it much harder to determine whether or not someone is in the vehicle or not. Secondly, tinted windows will obscure your valuables or other items within your vehicle. The majority of criminals are looking for easy targets, and even a small amount of deterrence will make them move on to the next unfortunate victim. Tinted glass is also more durable than untinted glass. The film coating keeps the glass partially secured in place, even after it is broken. This will make break ins more difficult for thieves, potentially deterring them further. 


Tinted windows keep out prying eyes

Have you ever been stopped or parked by an 18-wheeler and noticed just how open the inside of your vehicle is to the outside world? With their height difference, it feels like a truck driver can just look down and see into every nook and cranny of your car! You may have also experienced awkward eye contact with strangers while stopped in traffic, or caught someone staring you down while you were parked in a parking lot. While many of these interactions are harmless, they can still be awkward and uncomfortable. At the end of the day, you don’t know these people and you don’t know what their intentions are. To avoid these situations and others like them, invest in tinted windows today!


Tinted windows make you feel safer

By tinting your windows, you are adding a layer of privacy and security between yourself and the outside world. As mentioned, window tints deter thieves and nosy passers-by alike. In either case your new window tints will offer you and your passengers a more enjoyable ride wherever you go. Driving is stressful enough and every additional bit of security and privacy helps immensely. 


Window tints have many other tangible benefits like: Diffusing UV light penetration into your vehicle, making your windshield and side windows more durable, keeping your vehicle cooler in the summer and giving your vehicle a sleeker and more attractive appearance. If you want to learn more about auto glass tinting and the benefits of tinted windows then please refer to our other articles. 


For more information regarding the benefits of tinted glass, or for an estimate on auto glass tinting, contact our team of professionals at Fast Glass Today! We are more than happy to assist you with all of your tinting needs.