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Springtime has its pros and cons. When spring brings us sunny days and mild temperatures, the change is welcomed with open arms. The transition from winter’s doom and gloom is happily anticipated after so many months of cold temperatures. Yet, here in the Russellville area, we all know that the sun can quickly pushed aside by clouds, thunderstorms, and severe weather. It’s one of those uncontrollable circumstances in life that can leave you with a damaged windshield due to high winds, hail, or fallen debris.


What happens when you’re left needing auto glass repair (replacement) after a bout of severe weather? Here’s what to know if you ever find yourself in this situation.


First thing first: who pays?

Your best bet in answering this question is to know the details provided by your insurance policy regarding coverage. In most cases with full-comprehensive coverage, you will be protected from storm damage. You can call an insurance representative to find out or go to your provider’s website. If storm damage, (which may include hail, wind, tornadoes) then you can file a claim for your insurance to help you pay for the auto glass repair (replacement) you are needing.


If you don’t have full coverage insurance, you will most likely be left paying for the storm damage on your own. While this can be frustrating, you should know that we only perform work that is absolutely needed for your vehicle and safety. We will never have you spending more money than necessary.


Before you do anything:

Before your insurance will cover an auto glass repair (replacement) due to storm damage, you will have to file a proper claim. To ensure everything is accepted, you should take photos of the damage. When doing so, don’t remove any of the debris (such as a fallen branch) until you take photos. You should wait to drive the damaged car as well, until you discuss the situation with your insurer. It is possible you will need to have the damage assessed and repairs approved by your insurance agency before following through. Make sure you understand the process to prevent your repairs from getting denied.

Above anything, be careful! If your windshield has broken glass, pay attention to your surroundings-make sure there’s no broken glass in the front seats and clear the walkway.


Now, to get a auto glass repair (replacement).

You will need to have a reputable glass company perform the auto glass repair (replacement) you are needing! At Fast Glass, we can quickly help you figure out the extent of the windshield damage and whether or not you’ll need a full replacement or just a repair. Then, we can get the work done for you and back on the road in no time.


In the future, take necessary precautions.

The next time you’re expecting a severe storm, take measures to protect your vehicle from potential damage. All too often, we ignore thunderstorm watches and warnings, instead of taking precautions for the “just in case” scenarios that sometimes do come true. You can avoid another auto glass repair (replacement) by parking your car in a garage or under awning. Park your vehicle away from large trees with low-hanging branches. While these aren’t guaranteed to prevent all damage to your vehicle, it will give you a much better chance to escape the next storm without a broken windshield.