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To repair or replace? That is the question…and we have answers. Finding yourself in need of a windshield repair or replacement can be daunting. If you don’t know the extent of the damage, you won’t know what route to take. There’s no need to overspend on a replacement if it’s something that can just be quickly repaired. But, how do you know what’s necessary? Luckily, Fast Glass Service in Fort Smith can assess the damage for you and get you back on the road as soon as possible. Next time you have a cracked, chipped, or broken windshield, and you want an idea of what it will take to fix it, ask yourself these questions to determine the route you’ll most likely need to take.  


How big is the damage?

When it comes to auto glass damage, size matters in determining whether to pursue a windshield repair or replacement. Obviously, if the damage is spread out across the entire windshield, you’re going to need a replacement. But, small chips or cracks short in length will likely be easily repaired. While you’ll need a proper assessment, knowing the difference between what can be repaired and what needs a replacement can help save you money and steer you clear of anyone who will push an unnecessary replacement.


Where is it located?

Damage location plays a big role when it comes to windshield repair or replacements. Unfortunately, damage anywhere in the driver’s line of sight almost always means a replacement will be necessary. This is because repairs can leave distortion that can prohibit a clear view of the road. Damage located in the corners of the windshield will compromise the integrity of the glass and make it highly unstable. For these reasons, damage in near the corners and edges of the glass typically require a full replacement as well.


What type of damage occurred?

Windshield repair is usually done when there are chips in glass, small dings, or pits. These are often confined and, when repaired in a timely manner, won’t spread and create structural problems elsewhere. Other types of damage, like cracks that spider and branch out across the glass, will require a replacement since the problem is no longer confined to one spot.


Need a windshield repair?

If you need a repair or replacement due to windshield damage, it’s important to prioritize getting it fixed. Regardless of location or size, continuing to drive with a damaged windshield will only exacerbate the problem over time. Sometimes, people will put off what could have been a repair, only to find out that by waiting, they need a replacement. When you find yourself with a chip, dent, or crack, it’s best to let an auto glass expert diagnose the problem as soon as it occurs. By waiting, you not only take the chance of letting the damage worsen, but you also risk your safety and those around you. Unsure about whether or not you need a repair or replacement? Call us at 1-800-242-5644 or visit us in the shop and we can help you out.

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