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Even though we are in the business of auto glass repair, we still are advocates of safe driving. Some of the auto glass repair we do is a result of distracted driving that led to major vehicle damage, if not other unintended consequences. We’d rather perform repairs on auto glass that got damaged due to a baseball being thrown over the fence or freezing temperatures, not unsafe driving that would have, or should have, otherwise been 100% preventable. Safe driving starts with you, each time you buckle into the driver’s seat and take the wheel; here are some things to think about next time you head out in order to prevent damage to your vehicle (or someone else’s).


Your Friends Can Wait

It’s no secret that texting and driving is among the top leading causes of car accidents. Driving requires enough multi-tasking, hand-eye coordination as it is. You have to watch where you’re going, stay aware of who and what is going on around you, check your mirrors, and stay the speed limit. After a while, these tasks can start to feel so natural that we don’t even think about what we’re doing. The task of driving becomes so seemingly routine that we can become distracted by the alerts, beeping, and buzzing coming from our cell phone. After all, what’s one quick glance at our screen when the road ahead of looks clear and you’re driving slow?


A lot can go wrong in a matter of seconds. Maybe an animal jumps out in front of you, traffic comes to sudden halt, or there’s an object in the road that shouldn’t be there. In order to avoid getting hit or hitting something, quick reaction and response is required on your part. The coast might look clear when you go to check your phone, but in a matter of seconds, things can completely change. There is always something going on around you when you’re driving.


Please Don’t Change the Music

Another distraction that can result in the need for auto glass repair is the radio. While it can be fun to jam out to your favorite tunes in the car, you should do so responsibly. If a song comes on that you don’t like, try to wait until you’ve come to a stop before searching your playlist for something better. Even turning the dial on the radio can become a distraction that endangers those around you. The radio is there to help you enjoy the ride, but it’s not the main purpose and should not become your focal point.


You should also make sure that the volume isn’t turned up so loud that you cannot hear what’s going on outside. Traffic might not be the most appealing sound, but you have to be alert for emergency sirens or honking. Ambulance, police, and firefighters sound alarms to warn you to move out of their way; if you can’t hear them, then you risk being another reason for them to be racing down the streets.


Ignoring Inclement Weather

There are times when we perform auto glass repair on cars because the driver went out in inclement weather and the result was windshield damage (or destruction). We’re lucky to have real-time weather warnings and updates available to us at all times, which are put in place to keep us safe. When a high-wind storm is approaching that can carry hail or flying debris, think about letting is pass before venturing out if you can. If roads are icy, try to avoid them, and if you have to go out, slow down. Flying debris can damage windshields and ice can cause cars to slip or flip if you’re not careful.


Distracted or reckless driving can have unintended consequences, least of all being auto glass repair. We can all try to avoid danger situations and broken glass by remembering to follow the rules of the road and to be attentive to what we’re doing and what’s around us. If you do find yourself in need of glass repair in the Fort Smith area, give us a shout.