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When you picture tinted car windows, you might imagine celebrity vehicles with blacked-out windows to prevent people from being able to see inside. 

While privacy is certainly a potential benefit of tinted windows (plus it looks good!), there are actually many other benefits to window tinting that can protect your vehicle and even extend the life of your auto glass by years!

What is window tinting?


Getting your windows tinted means hiring a professional to apply a thin layer of laminate to the inside of your car windows. 

This laminate is transparent to allow visibility while blocking a certain amount of light from entering the vehicle.

It’s important to get a professional to handle your window tinting because applying the tinted laminate can be tricky. If you try to do it yourself, you might end up with bubbles or creases in the surface, which look bad and can make the tint less effective.

What does window tinting do to protect my car?


You’ve probably seen graphics with information about how quickly cars can heat up when they’re parked in the sunlight, even in cool weather. 

In the summer, cars can get incredibly hot. This increased level of heat can cause stress to just about every part of your car, and your windows and windshield are no exception.

When your car gets too hot, the metal that holds your auto glass in place heats up more quickly than the glass itself. 

This, in addition to the way the glass expands in the heat, can result in cracks that compromise the structural integrity of your windshield and potentially block the driver’s view– two things you definitely want to avoid for your own safety and that of your passengers!

The most important thing that window tinting does is offer your car some protection from heat and harmful UV rays. 

Even when your car is parked in direct sunlight, tinted windows keep the temperature inside the vehicle regulated enough to prevent damage and help you avoid just a little bit of the misery that comes with getting into a hot car in the summertime.

Plus, window tinting can help protect the inside of your car from fading or cracking as a result of sun exposure. This can mean that your car’s interior stays looking new for a long time, even if you’ve had it for several years.

Is window tinting good for me?


You might be surprised to learn that window tinting has benefits for you and your car!

Tinted windows block light and UV rays from entering your vehicle, which helps regulate the car’s internal temperature. 

But blocking UV rays also means keeping UV rays away from you– which can decrease your risk of the skin damage UV rays can cause. It’s also good for your eyes, kind of like wearing sunglasses when it’s really bright out!

Where should I get my windows tinted?


Like we mentioned above, window tinting should be handled by professionals. This is because correct installation is important for functionality and aesthetics. Plus, only professionals have access to the correct tinting film that will provide you with all of the benefits that tinted windows can offer. 
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