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When you think about auto glass tinting, you might just imagine a celebrity’s SUV with blacked-out windows to ensure privacy for its passengers. That level of privacy probably isn’t necessary for the average person, so you might assume that tinting your auto glass wouldn’t be useful for your needs and your life.

However, car tinting is an excellent service for just about anyone, and there are far more benefits than just the increased privacy that celebrities enjoy.

What is tinting?

Typically, window tinting refers to the practice of applying a thin film to the interior of your car’s windows. This film is tinted to block some degree of light from entering the vehicle.

There are many different levels of window tinting– the darkness of the tint you choose is determined by your specific needs. Because the process of installation is relatively simple when handled by a professional, there are plenty of customization options available to you.

What does tinting car windows do?

People might choose to tint their auto glass for a wide variety of reasons.

As we mentioned above, privacy is a big one– if you don’t want people seeing into your vehicle, glass tinting is a great option.

However, you can benefit from window tinting even if you aren’t being chased by the paparazzi. Privacy is beneficial for everyone– it can actually help keep your car safer by blocking its interior from view to people passing by on the street or in a parking lot.

Even if you leave a bag or another valuable item sitting on the seat or floor of the vehicle, a potential thief who isn’t able to see inside the vehicle won’t know it’s there, which in turn prevents the theft from occurring.

Is tinting car windows good for the car?


The benefits of auto glass tinting go beyond just privacy.

Blocking the light that enters the vehicle also protects the interior of the car from harmful UV rays. This protection keeps your interior looking great for much longer than it might if it were exposed to the harsh sun every day. For example, your seats won’t crack or fade in the sunlight, keeping everything looking new for years to come!

Light entering a vehicle equals heat

If you’ve ever sat in a car that’s in direct sunlight, you’re aware of just how quickly the vehicle can heat up, quickly becoming an unbearable or even dangerous environment.

Tinted windows block the amount of light entering the vehicle, which helps to keep it much cooler. In turn, a cooler vehicle requires less air conditioning to become comfortable– putting less strain on your car’s cooling systems without requiring you to sit in discomfort.

UV rays are potentially dangerous

UV rays entering your car can cause more damage than just heat and potential fading to your interiors.

You might not be aware that UV rays can be harmful to your skin even if you’re inside a vehicle. Exposure to UV rays puts people at risk of cancer and various types of skin damage.

Auto glass tinting stops those UV rays from entering the vehicle, keeping you safe from sun damage even if you drive your car every day.

The benefits are virtually limitless

Choosing window tinting installed by a professional will allow you to safely enjoy your vehicle for many years to come.

The glass technician experts at Fast Glass Service are here to install high-quality tinting to your vehicle– give us a call today to get started!