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Tinting your car windows does more than make your car look cool, although that’s definitely a bonus. It can help protect the interior of your car from fading due to sun exposure and it also adds privacy, which can be great if you like to sing at stoplights. Those are things you probably already know.

At Fast Glass Service, your auto glass specialist will know a lot about window tinting and how it needs to be maintained, installed, and whether or not you can get it done when there’s a crack in your windshield.


Caring for Tinted Windows

We’ve all seen tinted glass that looks terrible because of peeling or bubbling. Taking care of it isn’t that hard, however. You should always use an ammonia-free cleaner and take care not to scratch the glass, as the tint will make it more visible.

Window tint can also begin to fade if they’re consistently parked in the sun. Take advantage of shady areas when you can, to give your car a break from the sunniest part of the day.


Cracked Glass and Window Tinting

If you have a crack in your windshield, most auto glass specialists will advise you to get it repaired. When it comes to tinting a windshield with a crack, we would advise against it. You’ll have to deal with the issue sooner than later, plus it can make it difficult to get a smoothly tinted glass. Your best bet is to get the repair or replacement done first, and then proceed with having the tint applied.


Repairing a Tinted Windshield

You might find yourself getting a chip or crack after you’ve already gotten your windows tinted. Don’t worry! Any experienced auto glass specialist can perform a repair or replacement, despite the film on the glass. The process stays the same, but afterward, the tint will need to reapplied.

Window tinting can be beneficial to windows because it protects the glass from the sun. The sun can cause the glass to expand or shrink, which sometimes results in cracks along the windshield. While you may need a repair if something hits your glass and chips it, tinting can actually work as an added layer of protection.


Replacing the Film

One day you might want to get your window tint completely redone. Maybe it’s begun to fade, tear, or scratch. This is a good opportunity for the glass professional to inspect your windows for any imperfections and get them fixed.


Finding an Auto Glass Specialist

As your auto glass specialist, we want to equip you with general knowledge about window tinting, so that you know how to make it last. A trustworthy specialist should have the skills it takes to get the job done, as well as answer your questions. No matter where you live in the Springdale area, we can be that source of information for you!

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