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As the season’s change, so do air temperatures. Those fluctuating temps can affect auto glass in many different ways, which can lead to your need for glass repair. Glass expands and contracts when it goes from hot to cold. In the heat, it will expand which can cause cracking. When it’s cold, it will contract, which can cause cracking. As we said, both of these incidents can lead to glass repair.

This is more likely to occur if you have existing chips or cracks in your windshield. That’s why you should always inspect your windshield to identify problems, then monitor them to ensure they aren’t getting worse. Fast Glass Service in Conway can perform total glass repair or replacement services if the need arises. However, there are windshield care tips you should follow as the season’s change.

Avoiding Glass Repair in Cooler Months

When it’s cold out, your windows fog up from the inside of the vehicle. To help defog them, open your windows. As they start to defog, turn the heat on. This will help dry up the moisture on the glass.

If you need to defrost your windows, follow a similar process by turning on the defroster. Never use hot water to melt the ice; you’ll crack your windshield and end up calling us for a glass repair. To prevent cracks, you should try to avoid extreme changes in temperatures from affecting your windshield. Expanding and contracting from temperature changes will cause your auto glass to weaken. That’s why turning on the defroster at full blast isn’t immediately recommended. You should start slow, and increase it as the temperature starts to heat up.

Avoiding Glass Repair in Warmer Months

During the warmer season, fog accumulates on the outside of your windshield. It’s easy to wipe away the fog by using your windshield wipers, but if it keeps reappearing, turning your heat on low for a bit can help dry it up.

People often travel more in the summer months, which increases the risk for damage to be done to windshields. Extreme heat can cause cracks to spread. Parking in the shade or in a covered area will keep the sun from heating up your windshield and help to prevent further cracking. It’s important to seek out glass repair while chips or cracks are still small. Otherwise, a repair won’t be feasible and a replacement will be your only option.

At Fast Glass Service, the weather doesn’t stop us. Hot or cold, freezing or as hot as the Sahara desert, we will always perform the glass repair you need. We will take a look at your windshield damage and determine what work needs to be done. If you do find yourself with a chip or crack, but can’t make it in right away for a glass repair, make sure to put it on your priority list. Seal up the damaged area with a piece of transparent tape to keep dirt and debris from settling into the creases.
If you ever have a question about a scuff on your windshield, call us at 800-242-5644.