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A giant crack across the width of your windshield is a pretty obvious sign that it’s time to replace your windshield. But what about when there is no obvious damage to a windshield – after a minor fender bender, for instance? Even when there is not obvious damage, you should have your windshield inspected for hard-to-spot problems that will only grow over time. Check your windshield yourself after any impact, storm, or accident, or come see the pros at Fast Glass Services for a more thorough inspection. In the meantime, keep these windshield repair and replacement tips in mind:

Tiny Cracks Can Become a Huge Deal

You might not even notice a crack when it starts. The crack might be out of immediate view or so small that you don’t see it. Worse, you could have a hairline crack along the edge of your windshield that might spread quickly across your whole windshield! These tiny cracks can occur any time the pressure of your windshield is violently affected – like by an impact with another vehicle, animal, or road debris. Even if your windshield seems fine, check around the edges for signs of hairline cracks forming. In some cases, these tiny cracks can be repaired by professionals. Often, though, hairline cracks can affect the integrity of your windshield as a whole and may cause you to need to replace the windshield. It’s important to catch these problems immediately after any kind of accident so that you can include windshield repair or replacement in your insurance claim.

Chips in Your Windshield Should Be Repaired Immediately

You might think that a tiny chip in your windshield is no big deal – but it doesn’t take long for that barely-noticeable chip to spider out into a web of cracks that could compromise your entire windshield. A severe chip can start extremely small, but changes in weather and temperature and the stress of constant pressure could turn that tiny chip into a big issue for your windshield. Often, chips can be filled and repaired by a glass professional before they spread into a bigger problem. You should have any chips in your windshield repaired immediately – otherwise, you could be on the hook for a whole new windshield.

Proper Seals Prevent Major Problems

Even if there’s no visible damage to your windshield at all, a minor collision or other accident or impact could compromise your windshield. The seal that holds your windshield to the body of your vehicle prevents moisture and other harmful outside elements from getting into the body or cab of your car. If you have a gapped or compromised windshield seal, water from rain or moisture from the atmosphere could get into the body of your car and show up in your floorboards or even as far back as your trunk! Water that penetrates the body of your vehicle through a shoddy seal can cause your floorboards to mold or mildew and produce a terrible odor and can even cause other parts of your vehicle to rust and weaken. Sometimes, seals can be repaired without replacing an entire windshield. If you notice an odor, discoloration, or rust in your vehicle, you likely have an issue with your glass or other sealant. Bring your car in for repair or replacement of the windshield before that water penetration turns into a smelly nightmare that requires major interior work.

Call the Pros to Repair or Replace Your Windshield

When it’s time to repair or replace your windshield, trust your vehicle to the pros at Fast Glass Services. You can visit one of our convenient locations or call for mobile glass evaluation and repair. Our fast, friendly glass professionals will inspect your windshield and other auto glass, identify any issues, and repair your glass on site when possible. If you need a windshield replacement, we can order and install the proper glass in no time flat to get you back on the road! Contact us today for a free quote!