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Even when your windshield replacement experience goes perfectly – thanks to the great service and affordable pricing you can find at Fast Glass Services – it’s not something you want to do again any time soon! When it comes to caring for your newly replaced windshield, a little caution goes a long way. Here are a few simple tips for how to ensure your new windshield settles in just right!

Keep the Tape

It might be tempting to peel off any tape your windshield installer left around the edges of your windshield – but resist the urge! That tape keeps the area where adhesives are setting sealed off from moisture and outside influences. Leave the tape on for at least a full day or two to make sure the sealant has time to completely cure without the risk of exposure. After that, feel free to peel away!

Ditch the Car Cover and Sunshade – For a Few Days

Keep your windshield clear of anything that might press against it, like car covers and sunshades. Park your car under cover if you’re worried about protecting it from the sun. Keep your dashboard clear, too – you don’t want to take any risks of clutter, covers, or shades adhering to your windshield or affecting its cure.

Avoid Driving – and Take It Easy When You Do

Your windshield uses strong adhesives that require time and protection to cure. Don’t drive your car at all for at least an hour after the windshield has been replaced. For best effect, avoid driving your car at all for a full day while your windshield sets and cures. If you can’t avoid driving, take your time and pick a route with low traffic. You’ll want to drive at low speeds to avoid any undue pressure on your windshield or impacts from rocks and debris while your windshield is new. Speaking of debris, check for any shards of your old windshield or glass before you drive for the first time. At Fast Glass Services, we always remove the old windshield in its entirety – but you should check to ensure everything is clean and safe before your technician leaves (for mobile windshield replacement) or before you leave the shop.

Crack a Window

You don’t have to leave your car running or low music on for your windshield when you run into a store, but you should keep your windows cracked half an inch or more when possible for about a day after your windshield is replaced. Leaving at least one window crack will ensure that changing temperatures don’t cause the air pressure in your car to create potential issues for your new windshield. A cracked window means that air pressure inside and outside the car remains consistent – no matter how hot or cold it gets. 

Don’t Wash Your Car for a Few Days

While it’s generally safe to gently hand wash your car in the two to three days following a windshield replacement, you should avoid automatic car washes and high-pressure water application. For best results, avoid washing your car altogether – just for those first few days! This will allow your windshield’s adhesives to completely cure and create a powerful seal around the edges of your new windshield – to keep the water out for good!

Trust the Pros at Fast Glass Services

Whether you’re looking for a mobile windshield replacement service or need to bring your vehicle by our convenient location to have your windshield replaced, we’ve got you covered! Our friendly, professional technicians will have your windshield replaced in no time flat and will give you new windshield care pointers on the fly so your new windshield has the care it needs to be strong, sealed, and safe for a long time to come. 

Got a knick or small crack? Our mobile technicians and auto glass shop personnel can quickly – and affordably – perform repairs on the spot to save you time and money! Whether you need windshield repair or replacement, contact us today for a free quote and great service.