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Your windshield is one of the most important parts of your car. In fact, you could probably argue that it’s the most important part of your car– after all, without it, you wouldn’t exactly be able to safely drive anywhere.

That’s why sustaining windshield damage can be such a big problem. More than an inconvenience, windshield damage can pose a safety risk to you and your passengers! Plus, if you have large visible damage on your windshield, you’re likely to get pulled over and given a repair order to continue safely driving.

What are some types of windshield damage?

Windshield damage usually falls into one of a few categories.

Possibly the most common type of windshield damage is the chip. You’re likely to get a chip just from debris on the road– it’s essentially unavoidable.

Minor chips simply scratch the top layer of your windshield, which is really just cosmetic damage and usually doesn’t require a repair.

When your windshield cracks, this tends to be a slightly more serious issue. While chips are sustained as the result of debris impact, cracks can happen spontaneously– even just from a too-fast temperature fluctuation of the glass!

What types of windshield damage require repair?

The severity of your windshield damage depends on size and location. A small chip in the top passenger-side of your windshield is no big deal, and would only need to be repaired for cosmetic reasons.

However, a chip that’s larger in diameter or located within the driver’s field of vision is more important to get repaired. You’ll want to avoid any kind of obstruction to your view while driving, even if it seems small. Getting a larger chip repaired can help keep you and your passengers safe from accidents.

What types of windshield damage require replacement?

Certain types of windshield damage can just be repaired– but more severe types of damage require a full windshield replacement.

If your windshield damage is longer than the length of a dollar bill, it most likely cannot be repaired and will need to be replaced. Additionally, the presence of cracks that start from the edge of your windshield mean that you will probably need a full windshield replacement.

How does windshield repair work?

If your windshield has sustained a small chip or crack, a glass technician should be able to inject the damaged area with resin, which is then treated with UV light, allowing it to expand and fill up the damaged area.

You might still be able to see the chip after repair, although you might have to look very closely. This is because the resin has filled up the chip, which prevents it from cracking any further. If you want the chip to be completely invisible, you might need a full replacement.

Why is windshield replacement important?

A chip or crack within the driver’s field of vision can be hazardous on the road. It’s also illegal in most states, and if a police officer notices the damage you could be ticketed or given a repair order.

However, chips or cracks can also be dangerous for the structural integrity of your vehicle. The windshield actually plays a very important role in the structure of your car, and if it’s weakened by a crack, it will break more easily in the event of an accident– not providing the protection that it should against impact.

Where can I get my windshield repaired or replaced in Russellville or Fort Smith?

The experts here at Fast Glass Service have been repairing and replacing windshields for years. We pride ourselves on being trained and certified by the Auto Glass Safety Council– which means that we install windshields correctly and safely.

We also offer mobile service, allowing you to get your windshield repaired from the comfort of your home or office. To request service or schedule an appointment, give us a call today. Don’t put it off!