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One thing we can count on as Arkansas dwellers is the likelihood of some wild weather, ranging from record-freezing temperatures to tornadic severe storms within the span of one week. The changing seasons influence more than whether or not you wear short-sleeves or long-sleeves. Fluctuating temperatures and shifting seasons also affect your car’s windshield. Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather, but we can take preventative measures to protect our cars from a windshield crack during a thunderstorm.


  1. Prevent windshield cracks by parking in your garage.

While this may not be an option for everybody, parking your car in an enclosed space during severe weather is the most effective way to avoid any damage as a result of high winds, hail, lightning, falling tree branches, and debris. If you’re like most of us, your garage may resemble a second closet, piled up with all the things that don’t have a place inside your home. Now is a good time to do some spring cleaning and make room in your garage for your car. Similarly, a car port will help protect your car during a storm as well.


  1. Clean up your yard.

If you have to leave your car out in the open, one thing you can do to lower the risk of high winds blowing objects at your car is to make sure there isn’t anything lying around. We promise we aren’t just telling you to clean. Children’s toys, gardening tools, water hoses, trash cans- all these things can be picked up if a storm is strong enough. The last thing you want is a basketball hitting your car and causing a windshield crack…or worse. Move items inside, in the backyard, or as far away from your vehicle as possible.


  1. Don’t park under a tree or power line.

When possible, avoid parking your vehicle directly under trees or power lines. It’s easy for tree branches to fall and result in a windshield crack, even during less severe storms. It also isn’t uncommon for trees to be completely uprooted during storms, smashing cars in their path. We’ve all heard of it happening, so try not to let it happen to you.


  1. Use a car cover.

One of the worst things to hear during a storm is that there is a chance for hail. Golf-ball sized hail, baseball-sized hail, whatever sized hail, it’s all bad news for a vehicle. If enclosed parking isn’t an option for you, consider using a hail cover to protect your vehicle. Even blankets can help to prevent damage. While most windshields are made from tough glass, hail can cause a windshield crack if your car isn’t protected.  Plus, covering your car will also protect your headlights, taillights, and paint.


  1. Consider alternative parking.

When you are anticipating severe weather, think about parking your car elsewhere until the storms passes. Have a friend or family member with a two-car garage? Is there a parking garage near you? If you have the option to cover your car during a severe storm, that will be your best bet in protecting your car from windshield cracks or damages.


Severe storms cause enough stress as it is. Taking these few simple precautions can help you escape the storm without damages to your vehicle. It’s as simple as taking the time to clear out a safe space for your car to park during the unpredictable stormy weather. However, if the weather does cause windshield cracks, find a Fast Glass location near you. We’ll have you fixed up in no time!