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Mobile glass repair and replacement is fast and convenient – especially with Fast Glass Services! Whether your vehicle is at your home or place of work, our team can get a chip or crack fixed quickly without requiring you to come to a shop or take time out of your day. No matter how big or small your glass repair or replacement job is, we can take care of it on site – coming to you wherever you are often at a moment’s notice or on your schedule. But when does your car, truck, or SUV need to come into the shop for repairs? Here are a few things to keep in mind!

Benefits of Mobile Glass Repair and Replacement

Sometimes, your vehicle simply can’t be driven to a repair or replacement facility – and towing can add extra expense that might push your repair bill over the cost-benefit line. If your vehicle’s windshield or other glass has been damaged beyond the point of repair and it would be unsafe to drive the vehicle, you can count on the team at Fast Glass Services to come to you and replace the damaged glass. This is especially helpful when you have an emergency break or can’t take the time to visit our convenient glass repair and replacement locations.

For simple repair work – like filling small chips or cracks – mobile glass repair might be your best option. Even for simple replacement jobs – like a back glass or windshield on an older-model car – mobile glass offers huge benefits in the form of convenience and response time. 

When Do You Need to Bring Your Vehicle In

While almost every job can be handled on-site by our trained technicians, there are some times when a visit to the shop is your best bet. You may need to bring your vehicle in – or have it towed to our shop if driving is unsafe – if:

Your Car Has Sensors, Cameras, or Other Bells and Whistles on the Glass

Calibrating cameras, displays, and other features of newer-model cars can take some time and extra tools. When your car is in our shop, we can be sure that all of the tools needed to install and re-calibrate these sensors, cameras, and other features appropriately. Completing this work in the shop will also ensure that technicians can calibrate the safety features of your car while the adhesives that hold your new glass in place cure, saving time – and often saving money, too!

Weather or Other Conditions Could Affect Your Repair

Every glass replacement job will require some time for adhesives to cure and for the glass to set appropriately before the vehicle is driven away. When weather conditions include high or low temperatures, irregular humidity, or other factors, the time it takes for your glass to be ready to drive can fluctuate. By completing the repairs in a shop, we can control many of the temperature and humidity variables that affect your glass repair. Of course, completing the repair inside a shop prevents delays or interruptions due to rain and other precipitation. We can also be extra certain that no contaminants or environmental factors threaten the durability of your repair job!

Your Windshield or Other Glass Needs to Be Completely Replaced

The best place for your windshield or other glass to be completely replaced is in our shop. Because we value your safety and guarantee the quality of our workmanship, we recommend that all windshield and other glass replacements take place in our shop to ensure a controlled environment and proper curing time on the adhesives and other safety precautions for your windshield. Our in-shop services are fast and high-quality; we’ll have you back on the road in no time!

Fast Glass Services – It’s in the Name!

When you need glass repair or replacement, trust the team with a promise in the name: Fast Glass Service. We have convenient locations across the state of Arkansas to serve you with mobile and in-shop repair and replacement! Contact us today and we’ll send a technician to repair or assess your glass damage right away.