It isn’t uncommon to see someone in Conway driving with a crack in their windshield. For most of us, this will happen at some point in our lives. A gravel road, a hailstorm, a flying baseball-these are all things that can leave us with a windshield crack. Since none of these things are necessarily planned for, it may take a few days for you to find the time to visit our repair shop.

Because windshield cracks can spread, it’s important to know ways to prevent it from doing so. If you can prevent it from spreading, then waiting a few days to get it professionally fixed shouldn’t be a problem. Here are five tips to stop a crack in your windshield from getting worse.


1. Seal It Up

To temporarily hold secure the crack in place, there are a few different things you can use. Clear tape, super glue, and even clear nail polish are all viable options. Keep in mind, this won’t solve the problem indefinitely. It will prevent dust and dirt from settling into the cracks and delay spreading until you get it fixed.


2. Take It Easy

You should always be a calm driver, but when you have a windshield crack, take extra precaution. That means paying attention to the road. Avoid potholes, speeding over speed bumps, slamming on your brakes, and being reckless on rocky terrain. Even slamming your car doors shut too hard can add unnecessary stress on the glass and cause the windshield crack to spread out.


3. Park Indoors or in the Shade

If possible, park your car in a garage or under a carport. This keeps it away from direct sunlight which can cause the glass to warp or expand, affecting the crack. It also ensures that your windshield isn’t hit by anything like hail, falling branches, or the neighbor’s basketball. Not all of us have access to covered parking, however. If at all possible, park in a shaded area, to stay out of harsh sunlight. If that’s not possible, just remember that getting the windshield crack fixed is your priority.


4. Avoid Drastic Temperatures

When you have a windshield crack, you will want to avoid subjecting your windshield to drastic changes in temperature. That means you don’t want to go from hot to cold or cold to hot too quickly. Let the temperature gradually adjust. On cold days, defrost your car slowly. On hot days, turn on the A/C at a low level first.


5. Repair the Windshield Crack

A windshield crack can only be protected for so long; eventually, you will want to get a repair or replacement to solve the problem. When you’re ready, give us a call at Fast Glass Service. We will get you safely back on the road within a few hours!