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It’s that time of year, when it is cold outside and each morning starts with a fresh sprinkle of frost on all things glass. That might sound pretty, but not today. You are running late, you’re in a hurry, and you head outside to drive to work when you realize you forgot to defrost your car.

Frantically, you think about that post you saw on social media, telling you to throw hot water on your windshield to melt the frost off, fast! When you do it, you hear a shattering sound, then remember the windshield crack you had smack dab in the middle of your windshield. Not only are you late to work, now you need a fast windshield repair (we’ve got you covered).

In the winter, you should be extra cautious to take care of your car, especially if you have a cracked windshield. That’s where our auto glass specialists come in handy.

Changing Temperatures

As described in the scenario above, a quick change in temperature from cold to hot can result in the need for a fast windshield repair, or an entire windshield replacement. In freezing temperatures, a chip is more likely to spread and turn into a windshield crack. Autoglass undergoes stress in cold temperatures because it expands and contracts. Moisture can freeze in cracks and then expand once the temperatures warm up. That is why it’s important to gradually defrost your car, even if you’re in a hurry. Using an ice scraper will help to speed up the process, but make sure you only use it horizontally across your windshield. If you have a cracked windshield, you will still want to be cautious when scraping over or near the cracked areas. Showing up a little late to work will cost you less than an auto glass repair.


If you have a chipped or cracked windshield, the best solution is to get the problem dealt with sooner, not later. Even small dings can cause you to need a windshield chip repair. There are precautions you should take once the temperatures start dropping, to avoid a full windshield repair.

Make sure your windshield is clean and free from dirt, which can lock in moisture. You should also consider parking your car in covered or enclosed spaces, such as under an awning or in a garage. This will protect your car from snow or frost, which is especially important if you have a cracked windshield. If that’s unavailable to you, consider getting a cover for your car to prevent frost.

Windshield Chip Repair

The best way to prevent a windshield replacement is to get a windshield chip repair as soon as one appears. The small chip you got from driving down a gravel road can easily turn into a cracked windshield once a cold spell hits. It will be cheaper to repair then it will be to replace. Planning out time for an auto glass specialist to determine the best route of repair can save you from an unexpected windshield crack during your morning commute to work.