Before you elect to go with a brand new costly installation, let Fast Glass Service’s glass repair team assess the damage and potentially save you money. Our mobile service team is available anytime, anywhere in the event of an emergency. Whatever the situation, the team from Fast Glass Service will provide fast and effective service that will have your windshield or windows looking good as new.

Placing a new windshield


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4 Reasons to Inspect that Windshield Crack

If you have a windshield crack, chances are you noticed it...but did you give it a thorough inspection? Maybe not. Maybe you did and decided to worry about it later. Sometimes it’s just easier to pretend like bad things don’t happen, and wait until the...

What is Mobile Windshield Repair?

Have you ever needed to get windshield work done on your car, but you were unable to take it in to get it fixed? Maybe you had to go to work in order to pay for the repairs, and couldn’t find a good time to take off. Maybe you were stranded because the...


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