Before you elect to go with a brand new costly installation, let Fast Glass Service’s glass repair team assess the damage and potentially save you money. Our mobile service team is available anytime, anywhere in the event of an emergency. Whatever the situation, the team from Fast Glass Service will provide fast and effective service that will have your windshield or windows looking good as new.

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Still got questions? Check out these helpful articles to learn more about windshield repair.

3 Ways to Avoid Windshield Cracks

Avoiding and preventing a windshield crack means more than driving carefully (although we absolutely do recommend that). But what about when you’re not in your car? Windshield cracks and damage can still occur then too, and often it does. Compromised auto...

How Changing Air Temperatures Can Lead to Glass Repair

As the season's change, so do air temperatures. Those fluctuating temps can affect auto glass in many different ways, which can lead to your need for glass repair. Glass expands and contracts when it goes from hot to cold. In the heat, it will expand which can cause...

4 Ways You’re Forcing Yourself into a Windshield Repair

At Fast Glass Service in Fort Smith, we love our jobs. However, that doesn’t mean we want our customers to make simple mistakes that contribute to damaged windshields and lead them to need a windshield repair. If you do need one, rest assured that we’ve got your back,...


Auto Glass Repair shop hours


Auto Glass Repair shop hours
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