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One day you’re driving down the road, when you start to see little droplets of water splashing against your car windows. Before you know it, those droplets turn into a torrential downpour, and you’re struggling to turn the windshield wipers on full speed, desperate to restore some semblance of vision. We’ve all been here. It is hard enough to see the road when rain is obstructing your view. It’s worse when your windshield wipers are screeching against your windshield, potentially causing damage that could lead to a windshield repair. Proper maintenance of windshield wipers does more than help wipe away the rain; it will help prevent damage to your car’s windshield. Here are a few ways windshield wipers can cause damage to your vehicle.


Dirt and debris can get pushed into existing windshield chips or cracks.

Old windshield wipers won’t brush the surface of the glass smoothly if the blades are worn down. It can create unnecessary pressure against the glass, which can then cause dirt on your windshield to be pushed into chips or creases on your windshield. This will eventually make it harder to perform a proper windshield repair when the time comes. That’s why it’s recommended to get chips taken care of when they appear…or at least replace old windshield wipers with new ones.


Worn down wiper blades can leave scratches on your windshield.

You remember that screeching sound we mentioned? If you turn on your windshield wipers and it sounds like nails against a chalkboard, then that’s a good indicator it’s time to replace them. Windshield wipers have a rubber edge that act as a protective barrier between the blade and the windshield. If the rubber is worn down, there’s no protection between the metal blade and the glass. Basically, you’ll have ineffective windshield wipers that are also scraping against your windshield. This can leave scratches that inhibit your ability to see the road, leading to an unwanted windshield repair in the future.


Scratches caused by windshield wipers can lead to more windshield repairs down the road.

As we said before, scratches on your car’s windshield can hinder your ability to see what’s ahead of you. This can worsen when the sun is reflecting off the scratches and causing glares that block your vision. Scratches will also provide space for water to seep into, making it impossible to be completely wiped away. This will cause streaks of water across your windshield. More scratches will accumulate over time, which may ensue a complete windshield repair. All because of your windshield wipers!

As you can see, there is no shortage of issues that can be caused by dull windshield wipers. As if not being able to see the road wasn’t enough reason to perform regular maintenance on your wipers, they can also lead to windshield damage.

Preventing a windshield repair can be as easy as taking simple preventative measures! However, if you ever find yourself needing a windshield repair, Fast Glass Service is conveniently located in Russellville. Call us anytime at 800-242-5644 to have your windshield inspected. Click here to learn more.