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For whatever reason, your vehicle just underwent the new windshield installation process. Maybe you were in a wreck or unfortunately parked in the wrong space at the wrong time. Look, you’ve already lived through the experience of breaking your windshield once, so we won’t make you rehash the details and live through it again. All we are here to do is make certain that you receive a perfect windshield installation and then know how to take care of it immediately afterward when it’s still getting settled in. Taking proper care of your new windshield will expand the length of its lifetime and ensure you’re not going to be in need of another one anytime soon.


Right After the Windshield Installation

After you get your car back from a windshield installation, you’re probably going to be eager to drive it with a fresh view of the road. However, it is absolutely necessary to wait at least one full hour before driving your vehicle after having a windshield installed. Auto glass technicians should tell you this, or even wait to call you for pick up until it’s safe to drive, but you should always be aware of this. That way, you can be sure to check with the professionals to make sure your car is ready to drive safely after pick-up. Waiting one hour allows the adhesive used to hold the glass in place time to set and fully dry, which secures the glass to your vehicle’s structure.


When You Drive Off

When your vehicle is safe to drive, there are still some precautions you should take to protect your new windshield. You will need to keep the area around your windshield, both inside and outside, clean and free from clutter. That means you shouldn’t pile on papers and junk onto your dashboard, use sun visors, or cover up your vehicle’s windshield for at least two days. Nothing should bump up, push into, or adhere to the glass while it is in “recovery” mode.

Technicians also put tape on a new windshield in order to prevent it from shifting around as it sets; this shouldn’t be taken off for at least a day afterward. It’s also recommended to roll a window down about an inch to prevent pressure from building up and causing stress on the glass as it sets. This is advised for the first day after installation; if you can, it’s best to simply park your car and let it rest.


For the Next Few Days

Overall, you should treat your vehicle with special care for a few days after a windshield installation. Be gentle when shutting doors, avoid slamming on your brakes and don’t speed over speed bumps and potholes. It’s also best to avoid automatic car washes, as the high pressure and large rollers can damage the glass when it’s just been installed. If possible, wait until it is completely set before washing your vehicle.

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