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There are a lot of benefits to tinting your vehicle windows. But each state has its own rules and regulations about how dark you can tint your windows. State, county, and local police are on the lookout for vehicles whose windows, windshields, or back glass are darker than the legal tint in Arkansas. Keep yourself safe and avoid unnecessary police interactions by learning about the darkest legal tint in Arkansas and enjoy a safer driving experience!

Benefits of Tinting Your Windows

The benefits of tinting your windows, windshield, and back glass are many! And they’re not all cosmetic. Benefits of tinted auto glass include:

  • Protection against fading for your car upholstery
  • Protection from harmful UV rays for you and your passengers
  • Protection from high temperatures due to solar heat rejection
  • Protection against glass shattering into your car
  • Protection from prying eyes and would-be thieves

A protective layer of window tint can go a long way to improving your safety. Because your car upholstery will be better guarded against fading, cracking, and other damage, window tint can even help your car retain resale value. And, of course, a darker window tint adds privacy against people who might be looking for valuables up and down the street.

Darkest Legal Tint in Arkansas

The darkest legal tint in Arkansas depends on what kind of vehicle you drive and which windows you’re tinting. In fact, Arkansas has different rules for the darkest legal tint for sedans than it does for sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and vans. In all vehicles, the State of Arkansas prohibits metallic or reflective appearance on any auto glass.

The darkness of tint is determined by its visible light transmission (VLT), or the percent of visible light allowed through your vehicle windows. If a tint is rated 25 percent VLT, that means it blocks 75 percent of light from entering your vehicle. This tint scale is used by law enforcement officers to determine if your vehicle’s glass tinting is within regulations.

The darkest legal tint in Arkansas for cars and sedans is 25 percent VLT on the front and back side windows and 10 percent VLT on the rear window. The darkest legal tint in Arkansas for trucks, SUVs, and vans is 25 percent VLT on front side windows and 10 percent VLT on rear side windows and on the rear window. For any vehicle in Arkansas, window tinting is allowed only for the top five inches of the windshield.

When you tint your auto glass, you are required to post a sticker identifying legal tinting between the film and glass on the driver’s side window. Law enforcement officers may check for this posted sticker and check your window tint against a tinted sheet to compare darkness and ensure legality. The best way to avoid these law enforcement interactions is to make sure that your auto glass is tinted by a professional auto body or, better yet, auto glass shop.

What Happens If Your Tint is Too Dark?

If you exceed the darkest legal tint in Arkansas, you could face some stiff penalties. Driving with illegally tinted windows – as well as installing illegally tinted windows – is a class B misdemeanor. If you’re charged and found guilty by a judge, you could face a fine of $1,000 and up to 90 days in jail. Additionally, you’ll have to remove your illegal window tint and return to an auto glass shop to have your windows re-tinted, doubling the cost!

A cool look and ultra-dark windows aren’t worth the risk to your personal safety or your criminal record. Don’t chance it! Follow the legal tinting guidelines above to make sure you’re driving with legally tinted windows.

Trust Your Tinting to the Pros

Why risk it? For the darkest legal tint in Arkansas and a professional done-right-the-first-time tint job, call Fast Glass Services. We can have your tint job done in no time and get you back on the road! You’ll be feeling and looking cooler with tinted windows and won’t have to worry whether your tint is going to land you in a heap of trouble. Call or visit us today for a quote!