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What Glass Services Are Not Covered By Insurance?

You faithfully pay your car insurance every month, so naturally, you’d expect that money to go toward any issues or repairs your car might need at some point.

But as anyone who’s had to file a claim with an insurance company can attest, it’s definitely not that simple. Sometimes it seems like the insurance company is trying as hard as they can to avoid giving any money to anyone…

But whether insurance pays for it or not, sometimes your car needs repairs that you can’t ignore. If that’s the case for you, it helps to go into the claims process prepared!

It depends on your level of coverage

As with any kind of car repair, the amount that your insurance will cover is determined by the plan that you chose.

If you have a comprehensive coverage plan, that’s a good sign. It means that your insurance will cover damages that aren’t caused by a collision. In other words, this plan is likely to cover the cost of your windshield repair or replacement.

Don’t forget about your deductible

For any glass service that you need to have done, even if your insurance can cover it, the cost is determined by your deductible. If you have a super-high deductible, you might have to pay more.

There’s good news, though: in Arkansas, you can find an insurance policy that offers zero-deductible glass replacement. Arkansas insurance companies can offer you zero or partial deductible glass replacement.

(If you’re not in Arkansas– Florida, Kentucky, and South Carolina all offer zero-deductible glass repair or replacement. Arizona, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and New York offer plans with zero-deductible separate glass coverage.

Even if you’re in a “free windshield replacement state”, you’ll still be required to carry comprehensive service to qualify.

No comprehensive coverage?

If you carry an insurance plan that doesn’t include comprehensive coverage (like liability or collision coverage), you will probably find that your insurance doesn’t cover glass repair or replacement.

Basically, with collision coverage, every service that isn’t the result of a collision will most likely be your responsibility to pay. With liability coverage, no damages to your car will be covered by your plan. Liability plans only cover damages that you cause to other vehicles.

What about windows?

Windshields, of course, aren’t the only glass that can break on a vehicle.

Broken windows are also a major inconvenience, and can be dangerous if you don’t get them repaired quickly. 

Unfortunately, there’s no all-encompassing answer to whether broken window repair or replacement is covered by your policy– it depends on your chosen plan!

How can I check before filing a claim?

Since insurance can be so different between carriers, individual plans, vehicles, and locations, the only surefire way to figure out what services are not covered by your insurance policy is to carefully read through the fine print.

It’s safe to assume that glass is not covered if you have liability insurance. If you have collision coverage and the glass damage was caused by a collision, it might be covered. If you have comprehensive coverage or a separate glass policy, your repair or replacement might be covered.

Get it fixed either way!

Whether your repair or replacement is covered, or not, it’s still very important that you address the required repairs as soon as you can. Glass that’s cracked is susceptible to further damage, and driving around with a broken windshield or window is not safe.

If you have questions or just need to schedule a glass repair, we’re here to help. Give us a call today!