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Fastglass Service is now serving ALL of NWA. We specialize in windshield replacement. Our services are always on the move to meet your needs. 

We are excited to serve the beautiful NWA region with exceptional windshield replacement services and more. 

Here are a few things that make NWA special. 


Turpentine Creek: Experience Africa in the Ozarks

Turpentine Creek is a sanctuary for “Big Cats.” They rescue and provide lifetime refuge for tigers, lions, leopards, and cougars. Visit to learn more about these amazing creatures and how you can help spread education for their wellbeing. 

These cats are wonderful creatures that have been taken from their home in Africa. Turpentine Creek is doing more than just providing a home for these animals, they’d like to see the problem end once and for all. Their mission is to end Exotic Animal Trade. 


Ozark Highlands National Recreation Trail. 

This trail is a year-round, 258 mile hiking trail famous for backpackers and winter hiking opportunities. It goes right through NWA. Go hiking, or biking on the 200 miles of bike trails called the Oz Trails, and see some beautiful, iconic attractions in the Ozark Mountains. 

The Ozark Mountains do not disappoint. Even if you are not a seasoned hiker, you’ll be surprised at how much beauty there is to take in within a short walking distance. 


Crystal Bridges | Museum Of American Art

Thinking to spend time indoors? We highly recommend this attraction. Visitors come from all around to see the breathtaking art, performances, and architecture at Crystal Bridges. You’ll see their permanent collection of art as well as new and exciting exhibits. 

If you live in the area, take advantage of their year-round programs. Something beautiful is always ready to be discovered at Crystal Bridges.