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Whether you’re headed across the country on a solo road trip, sightseeing Fall foliage with the whole family, or taking a romantic trek with your partner, road trips offer fun and adventure for everyone. But you want to make sure that you’re headed off for a safe trip – and not toward unpleasant and unexpected pit stops! Before you buckle your seatbelts and set off on the open road, perform a thorough safety check on your vehicle.

Start with Maintenance

You should always keep your vehicle on a regular maintenance schedule! Maintaining your vehicle according to manufacturer recommendations will keep your car on the road longer. And if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready! Make sure that your vehicle has:

  • Regular oil changes and tune-ups
  • Regular battery checks
  • Regular tire rotations
  • A pre-trip inspection and preventative maintenance

Your Pre-Trip Mechanical Safety Check

Whether you visit a mechanic for a pre-trip inspection or not, you should check that your vehicle is mechanically sound before heading off on a long trip. If you’re not comfortable with your own knowledge of your vehicle, take it to a mechanic or auto shop for a safety inspection! Take a look under the hood and around your vehicle to check:

  • Vehicle Fluids
    • Oil levels and condition
    • Brake fluid levels
    • Windshield wiper fluids
    • Transmission Fluids
    • Coolant levels in the radiator
    • No unusual color or particles in radiator fluids (see a mechanic if they’re present)
  • Engine and Cabin Condition
    • Hose and belt condition
    • Hose connections
    • No unusual noises when revving the engine or idling
    • Air filter and cabin air filter condition
  • Tires
    • Properly-inflated tires (on tires that haven’t been driven in at least three hours)
    • Properly-inflated spare tire
    • Tread and tire condition
    • Tire alignment
  • Lights
    • Headlight bulbs and covers
    • Turn signal bulbs and covers
    • Brake light bulbs and covers
    • Emergency flasher bulbs
    • Interior lights
    • Trailer tail lights, flashers, and brake lights (if applicable)
  • Air Conditioning and Heating
    • All fan speeds work properly
    • Air conditioning blowing cold
    • Heat blowing hot
    • No unusual smells or sounds from air system

Don’t Forget to Check Your Glass

Your windshield, windows, and back glass keep you and your family protected from the elements, Interstate bugs, and potential hazards. Don’t skip a check of your glass! If you notice any damage to your auto glass, have it repaired or replaced before you head out on the road! Failing to repair or replace damaged glass threatens its integrity. You could be left with much worse damage – or even a shattered windshield! Check to make sure you have:

  • No stars or cracks in your windshield
  • No damage on windows
  • No stars, cracks, or damage in your back glass
  • Fully-operational windows
  • No unusual sounds while raising or lowering your windows
  • Windshield wipers in good condition

Plan for Your Road Trip Emergency Needs

Hopefully your road trip creates lifelong memories – without any issues along the way. Be prepared for potential emergencies with a road trip emergency kit. You should include:

  • Cell phone(s) and charger(s)
  • First aid kit
  • Emergency blankets, towels, and coats
  • Flares and a white flag
  • Jumper cables
  • Jack (and ground mat) for changing a tire
  • Flashlight
  • Work gloves and a change of clothes
  • Basic repair tools and some duct tape
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Water and paper towels
  • Nonperishable food, drinking water, and medicines
  • Maps (for low- or no-service areas)
  • Emergency contact list
  • Medical insurance cards
  • Glass-breaking and seat belt cutting tools

Check for Recalls

We get it – you don’t spend your Friday nights browsing for the latest recalls. But a few weeks before you head off on your road trip, check for any recalls on your vehicle. It only takes a few minutes to make sure that your vehicle is safe to travel and that you haven’t missed any recall notices from the manufacturer.

Repair Your Glass Before You Go!

At Fast Glass Services, the promise is in our name. We can repair or replace your auto glass before you leave for your next road trip – even if that’s in just a couple of days! Our professional technicians can repair or replace your auto glass in our shop or, in most cases, come to you. If you need help making sure your auto glass is ready for the open road, call us today!