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Cracked windshields don’t just happen out of thin air, even though it can sure seem that way sometimes. We live in a world that encourages to go, go, go! It often isn’t until we find time to slow it down that we notice and assess the little things that happen throughout our days.

Let’s face it, when we drive, we are sometimes distracted by what’s on the radio or by a pressing phone call. You might not notice that something has caused a crack to form in your windshield. That’s why we put together a list of things that often result in cracked windshields so that you’ll know what to avoid in order to prevent them from ever happening.


Impact from Debris

Rocks and other flying debris are probably the most common causes of cracked windshields and, as you know, they aren’t exactly unavoidable when driving. But, knowing that they can cause some serious damage to your windshield should serve as a reminder to check your driving when you’re on a dirt road. If you’re on a gravel road or you come across a lane with some rocky spillage, take a moment to slow down until you get past it.


Dirt Can Make it Worse

If you already have a cracked windshield, keeping it clean and free of dirt can help prevent it from spreading even further. However, you also don’t want to lock moisture into a crack, so scrubbing water onto your windshield isn’t a great idea if its cracked. But don’t worry! We have a better (and easier) solution that doesn’t involve any cleaning! Patch up your crack with a strip of clear packing tape, which will stop gritty debri from getting into it.


Avoiding Extreme Temperatures

Cracked windshields can happen (or get worse) in extreme temperatures, either too hot or too cold. You can’t change the weather, but you can choose how you treat your car. If it’s a really hot day, avoid parking your car in direct sunlight. A garage or even under a shady tree will help keep your car from baking. During winter months, it seems best to turn on the defroster as high as possible to melt the ice off your windows, but it’s actually best to start slowly. This will help prevent extreme, fluctuating temperatures that can manipulate your windshield.


Keeping Cracked Windshields from Spreading

When you get sick, you take time off work to rest and get better. When you see someone fall, you help them up gently. When your car has a cracked windshield, you slow down over speed bumps and steer clear of potholes. At least, that’s what we recommend doing. When your windshield is in need of a little love, try to drive a little more cautiously than you normally would. You don’t want a slight bump in the road to be the reason your windshield completely cracks.


If worst comes to worse, give us a call at 800-242-5644 or stop by our shop in Conway, so that we can get you safely back on the road.