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Harsh weather conditions can cause a considerable amount of damage to your car’s windshield. This is especially true in the winter, when extreme temperature fluctuations can cause your windshield to expand and contract too quickly, increasing the likelihood of cracks. Bad weather can also reduce your visibility while you’re driving, which can increase your risk of an accident – 27% of crashes in the United States occur during instances of poor weather conditions. Weather proofing your windshield can help you avoid both of these situations.  

Steps for Weather Proofing Your Windshield 

  • First, check your windshield for cracks  – preferably before inclement weather arrives! If there are cracks or chips in your windshield, you should have them repaired. Cracks and chips weaken the structural integrity of your windshield and as the cold weather worsens, you could end up with even bigger cracks.


  • Apply rain and snow repellant to your windshield, following manufacturer instructions. Rain repellant is a vastly under used product in windshield maintenance. It works by creating less friction for your wipers when they are turned on, which can increase the wipers’ lifespan, help keep your windshield clean, and increase your visibility.  


  • Don’t blast your heater when there’s ice on your windshield! If you heat a frozen windshield too quickly, the rapid expansion can cause your auto glass to warp and crack. We know it’s tempting when you’re already running late for work, but having to replace your windshield is a much bigger inconvenience. To defrost safely, turn the defroster on on it’s lowest setting and let sit for five to ten minutes. 


If you have a garage or a private driveway, you could try leaving your car running for a few minutes while you finish getting ready – just remember to crack your garage door to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning! You can also buy car starters designed specifically to warm your car up before you get in it! They can be a little pricey, but it’s much cheaper than replacing a windshield.

The Benefits of Weather Proofing Your Windshield

Improves Visibility

A clean windshield is a safe windshield! Over time, dirt and grime building up can decrease your visibility and become a real safety hazard. And in the winter, it’s especially easy to get streaks and spots on your windshield as chemical and salt-riddled slush gets splashed on it as you drive. After your windshield is fully defrosted, wipe down your windshield inside and out as needed to make sure you can see the road properly! 

There are all sorts of treatments you can put on your windshield to keep it clean, like Aquapel. These formulas create a “hydrophobic” surface on your windshield, meaning it repels rain and snow as it hits the surface of the glass. This can help increase visibility in even the toughest winter weather like rain, snow, and sleet. 

Protects Your Wipers

Weatherproofing also keeps your windshield wipers in peak condition and expands their lifespan significantly. Dirt and slush on your windshield causes little tears and chips in your windshield wipers , which shortens their lifespan and can leave streaks behind on your windshield when they start to wipe unevenly. Keeping your windshield clean and free of debris can make a huge difference and keep you from having to replace your wipers too often. 


Generally speaking, you should be replacing your windshield wipers roughly every six months as they wear out. Windshield wipers in poor condition can damage your windshield and scratch the surface, weakening it and leaving it vulnerable to further damage. Replace your windshield wipers as soon as you notice streaks or a drop in visibility. Use the highest quality windshield wipers you can afford to protect your windshield and your safety. 

If you have questions about weatherproofing your windshield, contact Fast Glass Service. We’re happy to talk you through your options.