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Boom! Your window shattered, leaving you exposed to the elements on your daily drive. You’ve cleaned up the glass and scheduled a repair – now what do you do in the meantime? A broken window creates safety hazards, could allow rain and moisture to cause even bigger problems, and leaves your vehicle vulnerable to theft. It’s important to get your window repaired as soon as possible. Follow these tips to create a temporary cover for your broken car window.

Clear the Glass and Clean the Door

Get yourself a good pair of work gloves to protect your hands and clear any glass left in your car’s windowpane. You may need to use a hammer or mallet to break the remaining glass free but most glass should be easy to remove from the window. Dispose of the glass and thoroughly clean the window area and inside of your door. You want to be sure to remove any dust, dirt, or other contaminants that would prevent tape or adhesive from sticking to surfaces. Dry the area and clean out any shattered glass from inside your car with a vacuum. 

Find a Suitable Plastic Covering

The best temporary window covering is a resin plastic sheet or bag. Ideally, use a clear resin plastic to prevent tearing and present a tough and waterproof temporary cover. Clear plastic garbage bags often make suitable coverings, but you can also find some clear plastic covers at a hardware or home goods store. If you can’t find a clear covering, any flexible resin plastic cover will do – just keep in mind that you won’t be able to see out of the window and it could create a safety hazard if you have to continue driving with a broken window and limited visibility. Measure your window and cut the plastic bag or covering to fit – plus about a half-inch on each side. You want the plastic to fit onto your window and be pulled taut for the best results.

Tape the Covering to the Inside of the Window

Open your car door – you’ll be attaching the plastic to the inside of your car’s window. Start at the top inside edge (closest to your car) and secure the plastic to the rubber window sill with masking or duct tape. Be sure to secure the tape under the rubber window sill for a good fit and tight seal. Next, pull the plastic taut across to the top outside edge (farthest from your car) and repeat the process, being sure that the tape is securing the plastic to the rubber window sill. Pull the plastic taut to the bottom of your car window and tape it to the inside of your car door as close to the window opening as possible. Secure the edge of the plastic to the inside of the car door to close the gaps and ensure that the plastic covering is taut when taped. 

Create a Seal Around the Edge of the Covering

Now that you’ve secured the plastic to your window opening – ensuring that the plastic is tautly stretched across the whole window with no gaps – it’s time to create a seal to keep out the wind and rain. Use heavy-duty masking tape or duct tape to attach the plastic to your car all around the edge. Leave no gaps and ensure that every piece of tape holds the plastic tight against the inside of your window opening or the vinyl (or other material) of the top of your door. You don’t have to use one continuous piece of tape – just make sure that they all align and don’t leave any gaps.

Call the Pros for Window Repair

You did it! Your car is safe from wind and rain – temporarily. For fast, courteous, and professional service, call Fast Glass Services to repair your broken window. We’ll have your car safe and secure in no time flat!