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Discovering a crack in your windshield is an annoying occurrence that most drivers have had to deal with at least once in their lives. You depend on your car to get you from point A to point B every day, and any issue that might require professional repair can really throw a wrench into your plans for the day, or even the week!

A cracked windshield isn’t a complete emergency, and you’re still able to drive your car as needed while you wait to get it repaired– but it still requires your attention as soon as possible.

Why is it important to get cracks repaired?

It might be frustrating to notice a new crack on your windshield because it’s unsightly, doesn’t make your car look its best, or might affect resale value if you’re in the process of selling your vehicle. 

However, cracks can actually pose some serious risks. Cracks over a certain length are illegal in some states, and can result in you getting pulled over and even receiving a ticket. In Arkansas, there aren’t any specific laws about the length or type of windshield cracks that are illegal. If there’s any damage that is obstructing the driver’s view, though, that could be reason enough for police to pull you over.

Beyond the legal risks of driving around with a damaged windshield, it can be a safety risk as well. The windshield is a very important structural component of your car. If it’s damaged, and you get into an accident, it might increase the chance of serious injury for you or your passengers. This alone is a very good reason to address cracks as soon as you notice them.

It isn’t always possible to drive right to a glass repair place, so here are some tips on how to proceed if you’ve spotted a new crack on your vehicle’s windshield!

Careful habits

Sometimes a windshield crack is unavoidable, like when a vehicle in front of you on the road kicks up rocks and debris, or something falls on your car. 

However, there are ways you can adjust your daily driving and maintenance habits to prevent cracks forming in the first place.

The first one is obvious– drive carefully! If you make it a point to avoid excessive speeds or hitting things like potholes that jolt your car, you will avoid putting undue stress on your vehicle. This prevents cracks from forming as well as preventing numerous other unpleasant and inconvenient car issues.

Next, you can be extra careful to prevent rapid changes in temperature. These changes can cause cracks to form, and they can certainly worsen existing cracks as well. 

For example, you might hear advice for a “life hack” of pouring hot water over an ice-crusted windshield. This hack is likely to take care of the ice on that windshield for sure… but it’s also very likely to cause or worsen cracks on the windshield itself. 

Temporary fixes

If you’re concerned about the spread of an existing crack and you don’t have the time or money to get it professionally looked at right now, there are a few temporary fixes you can use to keep cracks from worsening.

If you happen to have super glue around the house, you can use this to carefully stop the spread of a crack. Before you do this, be sure to clean the area thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol and make sure there’s no dirt, dust, or other debris in the crack itself. Apply the glue very carefully, making sure that it gets in the crack as much as possible.

Believe it or not, clear nail polish can also work in the same way! You should be aware, though, that these fixes might be very difficult for a technician to remove from the glass when it’s time for repair – which might require a full windshield replacement, rather than just a repair.

Ultimately, the best solution to handle windshield cracks is to contact a professional. Our Mobile Windshield Repair team can come to your location within minutes and complete a repair on the spot. Windshield damage is something best left to the professionals, to keep you, your family, and your passengers safe on the roads.