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Driving in winter comes with plenty of hazards.

Early on a cold winter morning, it feels like there’s nothing worse than getting in your car only to find that your windshield and windows are frosted over; you’ll need to turn the defrost up high and just wait for a little while in order to drive safely.

Once your car’s defrosted enough to allow you to see out the windshield, you’re not home free. You’ll most likely still have to navigate slushy, snowy roads– and keep an eye out for “black ice” that could put you in serious danger of an accident.

Plus, the cold weather causes glass to contract– which includes your windshield. Because of the way glass responds to temperature, you might be wondering about how windshield replacement during the winter can work.

Can I get my windshield replaced during the winter?

We’re here to assure you: yes, you definitely can get a windshield replacement during the winter!

Anytime you get a windshield replacement, there are a few rules to follow to make sure that your new windshield cures properly, creating an airtight seal that keeps you safe. 

There might be a few extra considerations for installations done during the winter months, but nothing major enough to stop you from getting a necessary replacement taken care of.

Should I get my windshield replaced during the winter?

Because there are a few extra precautions to take to ensure a good seal and cure during the winter, some people might be tempted to just wait until the weather warms up to get their windshield replaced.

We’d like to discourage you from waiting– a windshield replacement is usually a necessity caused by damage of some kind to the glass of your windshield.

If your windshield is damaged enough to need replacement, the problem can only get worse if you wait– especially during the winter months.

For example, if your windshield is badly cracked or chipped, the stress that the glass experiences as a result of fluctuating temperatures can worsen the problem, affecting the car’s structural integrity. Depending on where the crack is located, you might also get pulled over– it’s illegal (not to mention unsafe!) to drive with a crack that’s blocking the driver’s field of vision.

How does a windshield replacement work during cold weather?

During cold weather, the windshield replacement process can be a little trickier. We have to be extra careful to avoid any kind of stress to the glass that might cause damage.

It’s also essential that there’s absolutely no moisture present around the seal of the windshield during installation. If there’s ice or snow present, this moisture might become trapped and prevent an airtight seal– causing future problems with the glass and affecting the structural integrity of your car.

Can I get a mobile windshield replacement in the winter?

At Fast Glass, we pride ourselves on our mobile windshield replacements and repairs. Getting your windshield taken care of from the comfort of your home or office is incredibly convenient, and throughout most of the year we recommend taking advantage of this service!

However, mobile windshield replacement in freezing cold weather may make it more difficult for the technician and for your windshield to achieve a proper cure.

That’s why we recommend coming into our Russellville or Fort Smith locations for your winter windshield replacement. Getting the replacement done in a warm environment ensures that the windshield resin cures properly and quickly, avoiding any potential problems that might arise during an outdoor replacement.

Give us a call today or reach out for a quote to get started. We’d love to get you right back on the road– safely!