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There are many benefits to tinting your car windows. A professional tint job can protect you and your vehicle’s interior from harmful UV rays that might fade, crack, or damage your seats, console, and other interior components. Tinting your windows can also give your vehicle a cool new look – but does window tint cool your car down, too?

Window Tint Leads to Cooler Cars

During hot summer months, everyone is looking for a cooler ride! The great news is that – YES! – window tint can significantly cool down your car. Window tint is made up of metals and dyes laminated between clear polyester or other material that helps block visible light. In fact, window tint darkness is measured by how much visible light it blocks; this measurement is known as VLT. A 25% VLT means that only 25% of the visible light from the sun passes through your window. 

The even better news is that window tinting doesn’t just block visible light – it also blocks ultraviolet and infrared light. That means that your window tint works overtime to protect you and your car from rays of sunlight that can heat up your car! While window tinting won’t completely keep your car from heating up on a hot summer day, it will make a big difference. And in the hottest parts of the year, every degree counts!

Window tinting offers an affordable, energy-efficient way to protect your car from the sun. A professional tint job will last for years with a one-time, up-front, and affordable payment.

How Much Cooler Are Cars with Tinted Windows?

So window tinting cools your car down – but how much cooler are we talking? Depending on the type, shade, and materials your window tint is made of, your car could be a lot cooler. Premium window tints with ceramic coats and high-quality metals and dyes will provide the best results. Be careful to pay attention to local window tinting laws, ordinances, and regulations, but the darker the tint (and higher percentage of sunlight blocked), the cooler your car will be.

On average, standard window tinting can cool your car by as much as 45%, and premium tint can lead to heat reduction of up to 80%! Those are big numbers, and they make a big difference on hotter days. Obviously, results vary from car to car and are highly dependent on the type of tint you choose. Be sure to consult with your local window tinting professionals for the best results.

How Else Can I Protect My Car from the Heat?

Window tinting alone, as you can see, can drastically reduce the heat entering your car from the sun. But other measures can help keep your car cool while it’s parked. Take care to cover untinted parts of your auto glass with a reflective sunshade that fits snugly to the windshield and back glass. Window tinting cools your car down, but most cities and states prohibit tinting windshields and back glass below a certain measurement. Cover up that untinted space and keep the sunshades snug to prevent heat from being reflected back into your car!

Of course, the oldest method for keeping cool is to stay in the shade. When possible, park under a covering or under the shade of a tree, sign, or building. Between the cover provided by the shade and your window tinting, your car will stay cool throughout the day.

Finally, parking on softer surfaces – like grass, gravel, or dirt – can protect your car from hot asphalt or other pavement that holds and reflects the sun’s heat. Cutting down on the radiant heat around your vehicle (including underneath it) can keep your car cooler throughout the day. Of course, these surfaces can be hard to find in the concrete jungle!

Call the Window Tinting Pros for a Cooler Ride!

When you’re ready for a cooler ride in every sense of the word, call Fast Glass Services! Our expert technicians will have your window tinting installed quickly and professionally. Don’t take a chance on having to pay twice by trying to do it yourself or find a backyard body man. We’ll get the job done right the first time and have you back on the road in no time! Call us today for a free quote.