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At Fast Glass, we understand that our customers want to make wise financial decisions when it comes to their vehicles. Windshield repair is no different. It’s always a good idea to explore your options and make sure you are getting the best deal. 


DIY windshield repair kits might seem like a better, cheaper option than having someone repair your windshield for you. In some situations they are. But there are a few things you should know before taking the DIY route. 


Warranties might have DIY repair conditions in their fine print. 

It’s always a good idea to be well versed in the warranties on your vehicle. Not all of us have the time to read all the fine print. Before you repair your windshield on your own, go over your warranty and see if there are any conditions against it. 


Your insurance might cover windshield repairs anyways. 

Speaking of warranties, your windshield could be financially protected. It is not uncommon for car insurance companies to pay for windshield repairs. The repair, done correctly, will avoid a more costly replacement in the near future. 


Windshield replacement is considered a preventative measure. Talk to your car insurance agency and see how they can help. 


You may end up spending more money. 

Windshield repair kits come with detailed instructions and handy, easy-to-use tools. But those don’t eliminate the risk for human error completely. If you make a mistake repairing your windshield, there is no do-over. The materials from your DIY kit are now inside the crack or divot. They are there incorrectly and the windshield will need to be replaced. 


In this case, you’ll be paying for the DIY kit and a windshield replacement instead of a repair. 


Even when done properly, DIY windshield repair kits can only fix your windshield temporarily. They are often described as windshield Band-Aids. If you properly repair the crack or divot on your own, you won’t need a windshield repair or replacement in the near future. However, as your vehicle and windshield ages, so will the repair. 


There is a good chance your DIY windshield repair will be visible. 

There is no guarantee your DIY repair will be sightly. This is especially true if the windshield repair kit does not come with quality materials. 


If the chip or divot is in your line of sight, this could end up being a bigger deal than you realize. 


You’ve got us.

Fast Glass proudly serves central and northwest Arkansas with mobile windshield repair and replacement services.  


The cost of a windshield repair might not be the only thing keeping you from having the pros do it. Non-mobile services usually have a waiting line. Or, they keep you waiting while they do the repair. 


Fast Glass meets you where you are. No waiting in line. In fact, you shouldn’t spend any time waiting. 


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