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When you are driving, there is always a risk for something to go wrong. Your gas light can come on, you can get pulled over, a tire can blowout; these are things that demand your attention immediately. Otherwise, you will run out of gas on the road, go to jail, or not drive anywhere at all. But what happens if you get a cracked windshield? Depending on the severity of the windshield crack, you may decide that a windshield repair can wait. However, driving with a cracked windshield can cause bigger problems the more you prolong the windshield repair. From legal concerns to growing cracks, there are some things you should know about driving with a cracked windshield.


A windshield crack can be the result of a small windshield chip; you know, the tiny dent that you never thought to deal with. If you notice a chip in your windshield, bring it in to have it looked at. The professionals at Fast Glass Service can help you determine the best route to get it fixed. Often, a small chip can be filled with an adhesive to seal it, preventing it from becoming a cracked windshield.

However, a windshield repair is going to be necessary if there is a pronounced line across your windshield. Even if it seems small, it can expand.

There are many different factors that contribute to why windshield cracks can grow, or even shatter. A windshield crack creates a weak spot in the windshield. So temperature, moisture, dirt, and even uneven roads can cause it to worsen. That is why it’s advisable to have your cracked windshield looked at by a professional, as soon as possible.


Driving with a cracked windshield can be considered a legal offence. Depending on location, a windshield crack can obstruct your view of the road, creating a potentially dangerous situation. Laws vary by state, but generally, it is preferred to maintain a crack-free windshield. Otherwise, you can get a warning or ticket because it can be considered a safety hazard.

Safety Issues

Drivers should be aware that cracked windshields can pose additional danger in emergency situations. Your car doesn’t just have a windshield to protect bugs, wind, and rain from getting in while you’re driving. Undamaged windshields provide structural support and solidarity. If a windshield is cracked and you get in an accident, there’s a greater chance for the windshield to shatter, increasing the likelihood of injury to the driver and passengers.

Windshields also play a role in the effectiveness of airbags. When an impact is strong enough for the airbag to deploy, it goes upward, hits the windshield, and then outward. A cracked windshield can be shattered on impact, causing the airbag to deploy upward instead.

At first thought, a windshield crack can seem like nothing more than cosmetic damage to your vehicle. But in reality, it can cause a string of problems if it is ignored. Each part of a vehicle plays a crucial role in running smoothly and protecting the driver. A cracked windshield can jeopardize the safety of the driver and its passengers. That’s why it’s important to get a windshield repair if there’s a crack, or at least get the severity of the problem diagnosed.