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How to Keep the Inside of the Windshield Clean

A windshield that’s foggy on the inside is frustrating– especially when it becomes foggy while you’re driving, or right before your morning commute. If your defrost setting doesn’t work quickly to clear up the fog, driving can become hazardous because of your reduced...

Cleaning Tips for Streak-Free Car Windows

Have you ever gone about your day thinking that your car’s windshield and windows were perfectly clean, only to start driving your car at night and realize that it’s smudged or smeared? Depending on how bad it is, driving with a streaky, smudged windshield is not only...

How Can Window Tinting Protect my Car?

When you picture tinted car windows, you might imagine celebrity vehicles with blacked-out windows to prevent people from being able to see inside.  While privacy is certainly a potential benefit of tinted windows (plus it looks good!), there are actually many other...


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Auto Glass Repair shop hours
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