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Imagine you’re driving home from work at night, ready to get home and unwind from the day… and suddenly, it starts to rain. “No problem,” you think, “I’ll just use my windshield wipers. Obviously.”

You flip the wipers on, and suddenly you hear that dreaded noise. Squeak. Scrape. The wipers are making a terrible racket against the windshield, and even worse, they’re not doing their job. Instead of clearing the windshield for you to see clearly, they’re just smearing the water across. Everything in front of you is a blurry mess, and suddenly your commute has gotten a lot more complicated than it needs to be.

Unfortunately, windshield wipers don’t last forever. 

In fact, they should be replaced a lot more frequently than people realize: every six to twelve months. And while wipers aren’t expensive or particularly difficult to install (some auto parts places will even install them for you!), their price and ease of installation don’t do much for you when they’ve suddenly gone bad and you can’t see well enough to drive safely.

Once you make your way home, you shut your car off and head inside. The next day, the rain has stopped, and you forget all about the wipers– until the next time it starts to rain, you turn them on, and again: squeak. Scrape. Repeat this process for a few months, and suddenly you’ll have something new to worry about: windshield damage.

What will worn-out windshield wipers do to my windshield?

Damaged, worn-out, or incorrectly installed windshield wipers do have the potential of damaging your windshield. Typically, you can get a new pair of wipers for under $100– but if they’ve gotten to the point of damaging your windshield, you could be looking at a much more expensive repair.

Depending on what kind of insurance you have, replacing a windshield that’s been damaged by wipers might not be covered– which means that if you put off your windshield wiper replacement for too long, you might have to spend hundreds of dollars to get everything working the way it should.

If you wait too long to fix your windshield, and keep using the same damaged wiper blades, you’re not only putting your windshield in danger of damage. You’re also putting yourself and your passengers at risk, because improperly installed or worn-out windshield wiper blades can obstruct a clear view out of the windshield, making driving much more dangerous.

Many of us tend to wait until something on our vehicles is really not working before we go through the process of getting it fixed or replaced. This makes sense, because car repairs can be expensive. But putting things off typically results in higher expenses; any damage to the moving parts of your car will only get worse with time. 

Your windshield is certainly included in that. Any windshield damage you notice, whether it’s improperly installed or worn-out wiper blades, a crack or chip in the surface of the windshield, or improperly installed windshield glass, should be addressed immediately.

Why is it so important? 

The windshield is one of the most important parts of your car. Obviously, you need it to get a clear view of where you’re going and what’s around you as you drive– but it’s also a safety feature that’s designed to protect you and your passengers. Not only that, it’s an important structural component of your vehicle. You can even get fined or ticketed for driving with a visibly damaged windshield, especially if the damage is obscuring your view.

At Fast Glass, we make it incredibly easy for you to get your windshield repaired or replaced. Our team of experts is trained to do it right the first time, and we even make it easier for you by offering mobile repairs and replacements. Keep yourself safe and get your damaged windshield replaced as soon as you notice the problem! Passengers in your car and other drivers on the road will definitely be glad you did.

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