Board games and tabletop games have been roaring back into mainstream popularity! Whether you’re brand new to the hobby or you’re an OG board/tabletop gamer, the great big Internet has tons of content just waiting to help you dive even deeper. You’ll find blogs full of strategy and gaming news, board game unboxings and descriptions, and even full playthroughs! We’ve compiled some of the best board game bloggers and YouTube channels you should be following:

Best of Both Worlds

When you’re looking for great board game content in multiple formats, these multi-platform blog/vlog sites deliver: 

  • Board Game Geek: With a regular blog, a huge community posting on tons of forum threads, playthroughs and game introduction videos, and so much more, Board Game Geek is a one-stop shop! They present new and classic games and connect board game enthusiasts around the world. Find them at
  • The Dice Tower: Featuring Top 10 Lists and annual Dice Tower Awards, this site can help you find a game in any genre or niche. They regularly post video content, feature podcasts, and organize a Dice Tower Cruise and Dice Tower Retreat every year to connect gamers during a gaming getaway! Dive in at 
  • Shut Up & Sit Down: With an innovative “Find-Me-A-Game-O-Matic” tool to introduce you to new games according to your preferred play styles and regular content in multiple formats, Shut Up & Sit Down is here to help you celebrate your favorite games and find hidden gems. Check them out at

Board Game YouTube Channels

When you want to binge video content and see the games played, there are tons of options on YouTube! Find the best ones here: 

  • Watch It Played: Since 2011, these board game fanatics have been introducing viewers to games by…well, playing them! They feature board game showcases, playthroughs, and other great content to help you feast your eyes on the best board games on the market! 
  • 3 Minute Board Games: We love the short, snappy format of these how-to-play videos. If you’re looking for the quick, fast, and in-a-hurry rundown of tons of new and long-standing board game favorites, you’ll find them here! 
  • Before You Play: If you’re looking for more in-depth exploration of board games, this channel is perfect! The hosts feature Top Ten lists and full playthroughs of tons of games as well as shorter reviews of games new and old. 

Board Game Blogs

If the written word is more your style, don’t fret! There are plenty of top-notch blogs out there to feed you the latest board game news and top board game lineups. Here are our top three: 

  • Board Game Squad: This blog not only features great games from tons of genres, they also preview Kickstarter games and bring the latest board game news straight to you! You can bookmark the blog, subscribe by email, or subscribe to their RSS feed. 
  • Daily Worker Placement: These guys have been around a while and continue to post top-notch content on a regular basis. They also feature great games made by women and BIPOC creators to celebrate the way gaming can bring us all together. 
  • Game Rustlers Roundup: Since 2015, this blog has been reporting exclusively on Kickstarter projects. If you’re looking for updates on the blog or in your inbox on which up-and-coming games you should back, there’s no better place to be! 

Your Hometown Board Game HQ

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