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Sometimes it is very clear that your vehicle is in need of auto glass repair. Other times, we like to brush off the thought because scheduling the repair is too inconvenient or we think it’s too costly. Whatever the reason, we don’t want to be bothered to fix it, so we wait it out as long as we can. However, ignoring our problems often creates bigger ones, which we will have to ultimately solve in the end. If your vehicle is showing any of these three signs, then it’s time to stop waiting and come on in for an auto glass repair


1. Your View is Blocked

It might seem obvious, but if your view of the road is blocked or disturbed because of broken, damaged glass, you need to get it fixed! In most cases, it is illegal to drive with an obstructed view of the road. There’s no sense in waiting to get a fine for driving with damaged windshield glass. Then, you’ll be stuck paying the fine plus the cost of the auto glass repair. Not only is it unsafe to drive without a clear view of the road, it can easily lead to an unnecessarily expensive outcome. In order to avoid this, you should plan on having auto glass fixed as soon as you notice a problem. We’ve seen far too many cases of large cracks that started small; they could have been a minor repair, but weren’t addressed until they had time to worsen. Don’t let that be the case for you!


2. There is Glass Missing

If you’ve resorted to taping a tarp or plastic trash bag over your window to “patch” up some damage, you need to start planning a time to get an auto glass repair. We get that patching up a window can be the only option right when some damage occurs, but you shouldn’t think of it as a long-term solution for such a problem. Not only is it not a solution, it isn’t safe for you or others. Trash bags or tarps can further block your view and make it hard to see, plus they are usually loud and distracting. You also have to think about the very real possibility of them flying off on a windy day or while you’re driving at high speeds. They could fly off and into the view of another driver, creating a dangerous situation on the road. 


3. Weather Has Been Rough

One thing we can’t stop from happening (try as we might), is the weather. Weather can produce hail, strong winds that result in flying debris, ice, and more. All of these natural wonders of the world can wreak extreme havoc on our belongings, including our vehicles and auto glass. It’s especially likely to occur if you don’t have a way to park in a covered garage or pavillion when bad weather does come up. If you’re caught in a particularly bad hail storm, your vehicle can suffer cracks, chips, and more. If flying debris hits your glass, it can result in shattered glass. If worst comes to worst, you might be able to check with your insurance about options to help with an auto glass repair. 

Should you find yourself in a situation where your vehicle needs glass repair, Fast Glass Service is right for you. We pride ourselves in quality work that keeps you safe. Give us a call or visit us near Fort Smith to schedule a repair.