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There’s a lot of information out there when it comes to windshield repair some of it true, some of it not so much. Deciphering the bits and pieces of information you can trust is often difficult. Even those with good intentions can accidentally alter the truth, leading you to make assumptions that simply are not true. Because of this, myths about windshield repair jobs are everywhere.

We want you to avoid these misconceptions because your safety is important to us. It’s easy to forget the role windshields play in the safety and security of our vehicles. Without an intact windshield, your vehicle’s structure would cave in! At FastGlass Service we are committed to keeping you safe; here are ## windshield replacement myths you should ignore.


1. You can wait to get small cracks fixed.

You wouldn’t believe the number of times we’ve had someone come in needing a fully replaced windshield all because they thought a small crack could wait to be fixed. Not only can waiting to get a windshield repair lead to a costlier outcome, it is also potentially dangerous. No matter how small it seems, a damaged windshield is always going to be more susceptible to breaking if something hits it. If your windshield gets dinged by a rock and you don’t get it fixed, the next time a rock hits it could cause the entire glass to shatter.

Dangerous? Yes. Expensive? You bet. Do yourself a favor and get your windshield repaired now, not later.


2. It’s not a big deal to drive around with a damaged windshield.

There is one word to accurately describe this myth: incorrect. As we’ve said, a damaged windshield only has the potential to get even more damaged. Don’t play a game of chance by driving around and hoping for the best. Your windshield protects you (and your passengers) from flying debris, strong winds, rain, hail, bugs, rocks….you get the picture. Oh, and it also makes up the structure of your vehicle. It’s pretty important.


3. Getting a windshield repair will be super inconvenient.

Okay, so you probably aren’t going to wake up one morning with the desire to get a windshield repair. It’s just one of those things you sometimes will have to do given your circumstances, and when the time does come, don’t fall into thinking it’s going to be ridiculously inconvenient. You’re not going to have to take an entire day off work or cancel all of your scheduled plans. In fact, many companies (like us!) will come to you for onsite mobile service.

That means we will come to your work, your house, or even your sister’s baby shower. We’ll make it convenient for you to get back on the road safely.


4. Insurance will rise through the roof.

This isn’t an absolute given. Your insurance may rise, yes, but it is most often dependant on your past history. If you’ve made a lot of claims, you might seek a spike in prices. But, if this is your first offense, you’re probably not going to need to worry about your insurance rising. Insurance agencies don’t want to risk your relationship by overcharging you for something as menial as a windshield repair.


5. Auto glass companies will do whatever they can to rip me off.

This can be true, but it’s definitely not how we do business. Honest, reputable companies aren’t going to rip you off because their reputation is on the line. Many also offer fair, competitive pricing to win your business.

If all these myths were true, we would want to put off our windshield repairs for as long as possible too. Luckily, they are not, at least not in every case! If you’re searching for quality, convenient work, look no further. You can give us a call for mobile services or stop by our shop in Fort Smith.

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