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Think back to the last time something of yours got broken or damaged-how did you go about fixing it? Perhaps you were able to find a quick do-it-yourself solution when a door got jammed or you spilled coffee on your white shirt. While frustrating, those are relatively easy fixes. There are times, however, when a DIY approach is a little bit riskier and making a mistake can hold some pretty costly consequences. Maybe you’ve experienced this before when trying to fix a cell phone or complex device, only to make matters worse.

The same thing happens when people try to fix to get a quick windshield repair by doing the work themselves at home with an over-the-counter DIY kit. It seems easy enough, right? Well, not exactly. There a few reasons why you should rethink doing that quick windshield repair yourself and visit a professional instead.

1. Make one mistake and it’s over.

If you decide to start working on a windshield repair yourself, you have to completely confident that you know what you’re doing from start to finish. Every move you make counts and if you make one mistake, you can do irreversible damage to your windshield. That quick windshield repair you were going for could turn into a drawn out, more expensive replacement. Making a mistake can leave unsightly marks and blemishes on your glass that cannot be undone.


2. A DIY kit won’t fully repair your glass.

At-home repair kits are typically only going to fix very minor divots or chips, and most of the time, the fix is just temporary. If you’re looking for a quick fix, a DIY kit might be for you, but if you’re looking for a quick windshield repair that’ll last, don’t waste your money. Windshield professionals can get your damaged repaired and you back on the road in no time. A DIY kit will more than likely have you coming to a professional anyway, since it isn’t a permanent solution. The damage can still spread and worsen unless it is fully repaired with the proper equipment.


3. Some kits provide low quality materials.

There are reasons these kits come at a low price, one being that the materials they use aren’t always high-quality. They might provide you with a quick windshield repair, but you shouldn’t assume they are a long-term solution. Instead of shelling out a few bucks and hoping for the best, it’s in your best interest to have your windshield damage, whether a chip or crack, assessed by a professional. They will use high-quality materials that will keep your windshield intact, so you can be safe while driving.


4. Improper repairs can lead to dangerous situations.

Speaking of safety, your safety is our priority (it should be yours, too). A windshield protects you in more ways than one. When repairing a windshield, it’s crucial to do so with accuracy, otherwise the structure of your vehicle could collapse entirely. If your repair is improperly done, cracks in your glass can spread and spider out, leading to a dangerous situation down the road. It’s always worth it to invest in things when your safety, that of your passengers, and those around you, is involved.


5. Your insurance may cover a quick windshield repair.

Sometimes we opt for a DIY solution because we think it will be the cheapest option. This can be true, so it’s understandable why we have customers who had thought the same thing about their broken windshield glass. However, this isn’t always the case. Those with full-coverage insurance may be able to have windshield repairs done without dishing out money. Don’t make assumptions when it comes to repairs; check with your insurance to explore any possible options you have. Not only does this save you money, it will give you the opportunity to have a professional repair the damage correctly.

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