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At Fast Glass Service in Fort Smith, we love our jobs. However, that doesn’t mean we want our customers to make simple mistakes that contribute to damaged windshields and lead them to need a windshield repair. If you do need one, rest assured that we’ve got your back, but part of that means helping you prevent it from happening. We want to share common, preventable, and less thought of, ways that you could be damaging your windshield, so you can avoid the hassle of needing a repair or replacement until the circumstances are out of your control.

1. You’re defrosting your windshield the wrong way.

Patience is a virtue. That sentiment can go out the window when you’re trying to get to work on time, but your windshield is frozen and you can’t see anything. Have you ever heard that throwing hot water on your windshield will melt the ice faster? It might help melt the ice, but it will also break your windshield. Then, you’ll definitely need a windshield repair…or replacement. We wish we could offer a quicker solution, but the only way to safely defrost your windshield is to set the air to defrost, use an ice scraper, and park toward the sun. You might want to leave the house a little earlier.

2. Using Glass Cleaner On Your Windshield

If you have ever used glass cleaner on your windshield, we commend you for trying to do the right thing by cleaning your car. Unfortunately, we are here to tell you that you’re doing it wrong. Glass cleaner should never be used on a windshield, Most household glass cleaners contain ammonia, a chemical that can damage windshields over time. It can also scratch and peel tint, so not only will you need a windshield repair, you’ll need a new tint job. Only use products that are specifically made for windshields on your vehicle.

3. Scuffing Up the Windshield While Cleaning

Another reason our customers come in needing windshield repairs is that they’ve accidentally scuffed up their windshield while cleaning it. From using abrasive rags and scrubbers to scraping ice off with the wrong tools, windshields can undergo a lot of damage if they’re not well taken care of. As you probably know, glass is fragile if not handled correctly. When you’re cleaning your windshield, go slow and be gentle. Your wallet will thank you later on.

4. Neglecting Windshield Repairs for Chips

There’s only one thing worse than needing a windshield repair, and that’s needing an entire replacement. Neglecting to fix chips or cracks in your windshield won’t make the problem disappear. More often than not, it will only make the problem grow and grow. Then, it will cost you more money. When you see a problem arise, don’t ignore it. Get it fixed while it’s small. Bigger problems, means bigger money coming out of your pocket.

Luckily, we handle problems big or small. When you come to us, we hope it’s not over something that could have been prevented. But hey, we won’t judge. We just want to get you back on the road safe and sound. Driving with compromised glass can quickly lead to safety risks, so plan accordingly in order to get a repair or replacement.