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What is the best thing about our mobile windshield repair service? Getting that extra time you save back for yourself. You don’t have to stop by the shop and get your windshield repaired. Someone from Fast Glass will come by and fixed the crack while you are at work. 

Here are a few things you can do to relax after work.


1. Leave all your work at the office. (skip if you never stress about work)

How good are you at relaxing if work is still on your mind? It’s a great idea to use this extra time you have to relax, but it might take some practice. 

Stress has a way of keeping everything we’ve got going on at the front door of our mind. Especially things related to our careers. Leaving your work at work is healthy. Studies show that taking breaks and relaxing can do wonders for managing stress and improving performance. 

Plus, your friends, family, and pets want to see you.


2. Do something fun. 

What do you like to do for fun? 

That question carries about as much weight as “what are your hobbies?”. You have fun outside of work, right? You haven’t let the load and length of your job take over your whole life. 

Even if you can’t identify them, there are things in your life that exist just for fun. Anything that counts as “me time” is something fun.

There are so many different ideas on how to have fun and what it means to have fun. To de-stress with fun, you must find the perfect type of fun that works for you. Is it relaxing in a warm bubble bath? Or taking the edge off with a good workout?

Can’t decide? Here are a few general ideas of relaxing fun that might help you choose. 


  1. Taking time to treat yourself. Remember that bubble bath? That’s only the start. Anything pampering-related you haven’t done in a while can be fun. 
  2. Get moving. What do you do for exercise? Playing sports and enjoying nature are some of the top ways we have fun. 
  3. Read a book. Got anything on the shelves that you’ve bee waiting to read? Now is a great time to make good on that promise to yourself. 
  4. Watch TV. Who doesn’t benefit from a good TV show binge or movie? Give yourself permission to watch and relax. 


3. Address any stress you have from work. 

Try not to use this extra time to get ahead on work. Now is a great time to intentionally relax about work. Maybe you can’t change the situation that is stressful or overwhelming. You can take time to focus on yourself so that you are at your best when it’s time to confront stress again. 

Disconnect from your job by leaving your work at work. If you can, turn off work-related email notifications. 

Remember why you choose your career or the positive things in your life that are worth working for. Accept that work will not always be perfect. Just remember, you are always in control of how you react to things. 

All the self-care experts recommend meditating. It’s a great way to feel centered and grounded. Not focusing on the thoughts that want to run circles in your head. 


4. See other people. 

You don’t have to go home to relax. Nothing relaxes the soul like getting to hang out with the important people in our lives. Schedule coffee with a friend. Get dinner with a family member you have been meaning to catch-up with.