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If you have a windshield crack, chances are you noticed it…but did you give it a thorough inspection? Maybe not. Maybe you did and decided to worry about it later. Sometimes it’s just easier to pretend like bad things don’t happen, and wait until the last possible moment to address the problem. While that might be an easier route to take, it’s not always the safer one. Ignoring a windshield crack will eventually lead to a bigger problem if ignored and not taken care of. Need reasons to thoroughly inspect windshield damage? Here are four reasons to consider.


1. Damage Does Expand

Ignored problems only grow larger. Chips grow into cracks, which ultimately spider out. When damage reaches or nears the edges of your windshield, the glass is no longer safe to protect you or your passengers. Plus, it can be illegal to continue driving your vehicle once the damage reaches a certain size. This is, of course, dependant on your specific local laws, so it’s something to be aware of if you decide to put off windshield inspection. You don’t want to end up paying for a repair and a ticket for driving with the damage.


2. Why Pay More?

The smaller the problem, the easier (read: cheaper) it will be to repair. If you wait too long and the problem worsens, it might be pricier, and you might need a full-on replacement. Small windshield cracks and chips can usually be repaired with ease. If the damage settles and spreads becoming extensive, you’ll have to replace your entire windshield.


3. Compromised Safety

When you’re driving, you probably want to feel safe. Especially when you’re going upwards of 70mph and the person next you keeps trying to cut you off. Windshield crack damage can cause problems with your vehicle’s airbags as well as the structural integrity of the vehicle itself. Airbags need windshield support in order to deploy upon impact and your vehicle needs the strength from your windshield to hold itself together.


4. What’s the Location?

Additionally, damage positioning can be a contributing factor to how long you can ignore the windshield crack on your auto glass. It doesn’t have to be right in your line of sight to impair vision. If it’s in a position that can cause a glare when the sun hits it, you might be unable to see the road clearly. Safe driving is always easier when you can the road.


Got a windshield crack?

Fast Glass Service in Fort Smith won’t ignore it, we’ll inspect it and diagnose what you need in order to get it fixed. Many factors go into what determines how you solve the problem and working with a professional who knows how to assess the problem is critical to your safety. A professional repair is also important so that you can be sure your windshield meets those safety standards outlined above. From a repair to full replacement, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call at 800-242-5644 to schedule your fix today.

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