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If you live in or around Conway, then you’ve probably noticed how much rain we’ve been getting lately and it isn’t even officially spring yet. Driving in heavy rain can make it hard to see the road in front of you and it’s even worse when you have a cracked windshield. A cracked windshield will also obstruct your view of the road, so just imagine the kinds of problems that occur when you combine those two things together. It’s best to get any windshield repairs or replacements out of the way before the rainy season comes, but that definitely doesn’t mean you have to wait for a sunny day to get the work done. Here are four reasons to get your repairs done before the rainy season….or at least during!


1. Increased Visibility

When there’s a big, cracked line running across your windshield, you’re forced to find a way to peer above or below it in order to see the road clearly. The fact that’s not safe isn’t a secret. Heavy rain can make it practically impossible to actually see the road very well; let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Sometimes a heavy rainstorm means we’re blindly following the taillights in front of us and hoping for the best. In all seriousness, that’s pretty difficult to do on its own, so the last thing you need is a damaged windshield to go along with it. A windshield that’s intact is going to provide the clearest view of the road, without you having to crane your neck around it to see ahead. When it’s raining and visibility is already compromised, that’s the assurance you need.


2. Windshield Wiper Accessibility

Although using your windshield wipers won’t directly damage auto glass, they can make existing damage worse. How? If windshield wipers aren’t taken care of, they can scratch and scrape against cracks and dents, ultimately causing the damage to spread. Worn rubber on your wipers at maximum speed can cause friction against cracks and make them worse. If you’re going to use your windshield wipers on damaged glass (which is a necessity in rain), make sure they’re in good condition before doing so.


3. Prevent Cracked Windshield Leaks

Another reason you shouldn’t go the entire rainy season with a cracked windshield is because you don’t want to risk water leaking through it and into your car. For this to happen, the crack would have to be pretty deep, but if left unrepaired for too long, a leak can spring. Then you’ll have to worry about keeping your vehicle dry without obstructing your view of the road (any more than it already is).


4. Heavy Rains and Worsened Damage

There’s no reason to put off cracked windshield repairs in the first place; it’s dangerous to drive with a cracked windshield because they play such a big role in keeping your vehicle in upright condition. When you factor in heavy rains, you’re putting yourself and those around you in hazardous driving conditions, creating an opportunity for bigger problems which could have been avoided.


Ready to get your windshield in tip-top shape before April showers? At Fast Glass Service in Russellville, we do our best to provide service as quickly as possible, without sacrificing safety. After visiting us, you can rest easy knowing your next rainy day drive will still provide you with a clear view.